Valentine’s plans you and your sweetheart will enjoy this holiday

Holding hands, long walks on the beach and watching Titanic are all good and fun, but when it comes to Valentines Day, a little variation wouldn’t hurt.

There are so many things you could do on Valentines Day, especially if you’re in a relationship.

First, we have swing dancing. At the Lampost, they’re having an adorable, fun Valentine’s Dance where people actually dance. Swing dancing, fox trot, the waltz and the tango are the dances you and your partner could definitely look forward to.

The tickets to the Lampost are $10, which includes delicious foods and beverages.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship and still want to go, do it. What could be more fun than meeting new people? And you never know, maybe a certain someone is also single and is going to be there for the fun.

If you aren’t a dancer, and you’d rather not go out that night, who’s to say that staying home for Valentines Day can’t be fun either?

Maybe a game night would be something you’re interested in. A little game of Twister or Apples to Apples are something that’s exciting and hilarious. People generally do lean toward the funny types of games.

If you’re single, why not invite your other single friends? You can get all the barrells of chocolate on sale, gripe about your feelings and play some fun games. You’d have a blast and your friends would too.

Maybe you don’t even want to be with friends. That’s OK too! There are many different things you could do by yourself. Why not go out to eat at a place you’ve never been before downtown? Or how about going to the movies? Then, you don’t even have to share your popcorn!

Now, if you’re a romantic (like me) and you want to do something extremely special for your loved one on Valentines Day, there are still plenty of options.

First, I’d like to propose a picnic. They’re always fun and cheap. Just get some great chocolate from Target or Walmart, maybe some delicious strawberries and set a picnic up inside your home. Just add lamps or candles for that extra glowing light and some soft, gentle music from your iPod, and you’ll impress your date for sure.

Another romantic thing you and your partner might be interested in, is dining out at a fancy restaurant downtown. The food is good, the staff is good and the atmosphere is even better. After that, you could just drive around and star gaze, or make snow angels in the snow.

There are tons of things you could do for Valentines Day that are original, interesting and romantic. Just do what Spongebob would do and pull from your imagination.




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