The Tiger Hi-Line Online is produced in the journalism classes of Cedar Falls High School. Among the broadcast, newspaper and yearbook students, the work reflected on this website consists of a integration of many student efforts. The combination of the storytelling, design, photography and broadcasting of all journalism classes is woven together here in an effort to report the most complete integration of CFHS Tiger news possible.

The beginning news students write most of the stories that are found each week in the printed version of the Tiger Hi-Line that is distributed to all CFHS students every Friday. The newspaper used to be distributed for free in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier, but in 2008 after the school year started, they ended their free printing and distribution of this high school publication. These beginning news students are also responsible for many other creative projects that are foundational to the Hi-Line, the yearbook and broadcasts (photographs, surveys, infographics, etc.)

The yearbook class is composed of students who produce a 200-page, full-color yearbook ready for distribution at registration each fall. Most of the photographs found on this website come from the efforts of yearbook students who are working to tell the story of the entire year as visually as possible.

The audio/visual portion of the Tiger Hi-Line Online is a new kid on the block, created by the members of the new broadcast journalism class. These students begin the year by creating audio podcasts, and as they master these skills, they also learn video storytelling.

The last class is composed of veterans of the CFHS journalism program — the advanced editing class that produces the Tiger Hi-Line and the Tiger Hi-Line Online. This year the responsibilities of the class are broader and deeper than ever before, and the students are also responsible for selling ads each week to pay our printing costs.

No matter which course the students have chosen, the goal of our program is to provide the most rigorous, relevant and relationship-filled opportunity possible. Whether alumni of these courses will become journalists or not, they will be prepared to join any team and deliver the essential messages effectively on deadline.