Peet Good Vibes enrichment expanding impact

In February, a new enrichment started at Peet. The Good Vibes enrichment is a space during Tiger Time on Fridays where students make positive and inspirational quotes to tape to the front entrance window. Some students who are not able to participate in this enrichment can still be involved with the Good Vibes Wall. Students and staff can write a message with the notecards and markers provided and put it in the box by the wall. That notecard is then read by the students as a part of the enrichment, and if it is appropriate, it will be put on the wall. 

All of these little messages are anonymous. Some examples of some positive notecards are, “It’s going to be OK. I’m proud of you,” and “Go into every day with optimism!” There are also some silly messages as well that make getting through the school day a little easier. 

While the past few months the enrichment has been focusing mainly on the wall, this month they have been working on a new project, May Day baskets for staff. Science teacher Jennifer Schultz is the adviser to this enrichment. She said, “Making the May Day baskets and organizing that is just kind of a fun thing. Nobody celebrates May Day anymore once you are over the age of 5, so I think it’s kind of a fun little activity so I think that if we can get enough people involved it would be a good community builder. The group of girls I have right now are so fun, and it’s fun doing good things for others, and I think if people signed up I think people would enjoy that and see how valuable that is.”

Some ideas have circulated throughout the team of the Good Vibes enrichment. Schultz said, “We have a lot of big ideas, but it’s just the executing of it all. I think there is this idea where you give every kid in Tiger Time a square that they decorate, and we hang it up in a saying, but I think that would be better as a beginning of the year situation, so I think from now to the end of the year sidewalk chalk will be happening and upcoming days like teacher appreciation, secretary appreciation, para appreciation. Like we will probably work on making cards for all those people, so those are kind of our future this year.” 

Joining this enrichment is a great way to bring positivity into a stressful environment. Aleah Flint is a student involved with the enrichment, and she said, “I plan on continuing to sign up for this enrichment for the rest of the year. It brings a lot of positivity into my life, and I really enjoy getting to spend time with my friends and with Mrs. Schultz. We always have a good time, listening to music while decorating or hanging up cards. It’s really fun to spread positivity around the school, and you never know how your words might impact someone. The things you do typically have a bigger impact than you realize.”

To join on these upcoming projects, email Schultz at that you would like to join or sign up on the May enrichments sign up form later this week.

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