3.6 NEWS: Band students head to Washington, D.C.
3.6 NEWS: Robotics earns 15th place at regional FIRST competition
3.6 NEWS: 13 students advance to DECA nationals
3.6 OPINION: Blogging sites dominate our lives
3.6 OPINION: Benefits for all, not only for some
3.6 OPINION: Our View: UNI supports, opposes President Allen
3.6 SPORTS: After state championship, Warriors chase national crown



2.28 NEWS: Online schools receive mixed reactions
2.28 NEWS: Students at Columbus use iPads efficiently
2.28 OPINION: Pay attention to roads, not phones
2.28 OPINION: NYPD profiling Muslims perpetuates stereotypes
2.28 OPINION: Our View: Check out Hi-Line’s new Web features
2.28 SPORTS: Tigers drown Wahawks, move on to McLeod Center
2.28 SPORTS OPINION: UConn’s appeal on ban is a joke
2.28 FEATURE: Play trifeca takes stage
2.28 FEATURE: Senior paves path for future through cadet teaching


2.21 NEWS: Online schools recieve critical reactions
2.21 OPINION: Connections and cooperation
2.21 OPINION: Our View: It’s ‘LINspirational’, everybody!
2.21 FEATURE: DeMoss screams for the silver screen


2.14 NEWS: State proposes traffic camera ban
2.14 NEWS: Iowa denies couples parental rights
2.14 NEWS: Two students make it to prestigious choir
2.14 NEWS: Orchestra Pops Concert
2.14 NEWS: Speech team advances to All-State
2.14 OPINION: Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it?
2.14 OPINION: Can’t touch this (No, really. I mean it.)
2.14 OPINION: Iowa couple deserves parental rights
2.14 OPINION: Our View: Is your Macarena ready?
2.14 FEATURE: Dance Marathon: Dance your tail off
2.14 SPORTS OPINION: Fighting has its place in hockey
2.14 SPORTS: Tigers advance four to State in wrestling


2.7 NEWS: More changes coming to school lunches
2.7 NEWS: Digital libraries paving way to future
2.7 NEWS: Speech team awaits All State results
2.7 NEWS: Veteran honored by drive
2.7 OPINION: Latest from the Arab Spring: Ongoing mass killings in Syria kindling for civil war
2.7 OPINION: Our View: Congratulations to CFHS students
2.7 OPINION: Vegetarianism: a big ‘missed steak’
2.7 SPORTS OPINION: Don’t stress on sports
2.7 SPORTS: Wrestlers prepare for Districts
2.7 FEATURE: Persian Portal: A Window into life in Iran
2.7 FEATURE: To Dye For: Junior’s flair for tie-dyed clothes dominates her daily fashions
2.7 FEATURE: Senior explores career as vet


1.31 NEWS: High school hosts variety of jazz ensembles
1.31 NEWS: Unsung heroes rewarded for actions
1.31 NEWS: Multiple departments offer new classes
1.31 OPINION: ‘Armageddon in slow motion’ is coming
1.31 OPINION: Our View: A message from Congress
1.31 SPORTS: Warriors continue winning streak
1.31 FEATURE: Senioritis


1.24 NEWS: Speech team competes at Districts
1.24 NEWS: DECA takes home 4 first place wins
1.24 OPINION: SOPA, PIPA face the public gallows
1.24 OPINION: Where’s the tofu?
1.24 OPINION; Reflections on a life with vegetables
1.24 OPINION: Our View: Snowball production freezes from disinterest
1.24 SPORTS: Division one-bound athletes


1.17 NEWS: Skyrocketing tuition costs drain students
1.17 NEWS: CFHS junior prepares to graduate early
1.17 OPINION: The college dilemma: Some struggle, some avoid going to college after high school
1.17 OPINION: Standardized tests unrepresentative of character
1.17 OPINION: Private VS Public: Are private universities worth the money?
1.17 OPINION: Our View: Packing for college: things to bring
1.17 SPORTS: Division one-bound CF athletes
1.17 FEATURE: Special Skills: Students earn paychecks using lessons from school
1.17 FEATURE: College.
1.17 FEATURE: CF professionals share common threads of hard work, passion, ambition to climb


12.20 NEWS: Tutoring: Peer tutoring now offered for students in need of assistance
12.20 NEWS: Bike Tech offers classes
12.20 NEWS: Students reflect on the ending of Iraq war
12.20 OPINION: Synthetic drugs deadly, damaging, dangerous
12.20 OPINION: Our View: You will bawl
12.20 OPINION: Adventure games fighting back with new releases

12.20 SPORTS: Men’s basketball preps for West
12.20 FEATURE: Addictive websites eat up students’ time


12.13 NEWS: Student car catches fire
12.13 NEWS: Music students prepare for winter concerts
12.13 NEWS: Student group replaces Just Eliminate Lies
12.13 OPINION: SMH, wat we doin 2 r English?
12.13 OPINION: Hang up the sweats, bust out the sweaters
12.13 OPINION: Our View: Yuletide cheer meets economy
12.13 SPORTS: Men’s swimming places 2nd at Marcussen Invite
12.13 FEATURE: Organization aids homeless
12.13 FEATURE: Holiday Hoopla lights up downtown


12.6 NEWS: Wanted: Movie-makers, Screenwriters, Actors
12.6 NEWS: Dance teams shimmy way to State
12.6 OPINION: Let Them Eat Cake: Student submits essay on eating
12.6 OPINION: Our View: The (lost) art of parking
12.6 SPORTS: Wresting starts off season strong with 2-0 winning streak
12.6 SPORTS: Sports Opinion: BCS needs to change postseason policies
12.6 FEATURE: The Space jams with new youth audience
12.6 FEATURE: Hunger Games trailer goes viral


11.22 NEWS: Education blueprint raises concerns
11.22 NEWS: M.A.T.H program provides help at all times
11.22 NEWS: After school program created to assist struggling students
11.22 NEWS: Newest networking site offers financial benefits
11.22 OPINION: Breaking Dawn crosses borders in mediocrity
11.22 OPINION: Our View: UNI International Education Week opens diverse cultures to students, public
11.22 SPORTS: Girls basketball team ready to kick off new season




11.15 NEWS: Feeding the Need: Food drive exceeds 30,000-pound goal, shatters previous record
11.15 NEWS: Nanowrimo provides outlet to aspiring student novelists
11.15 NEWS: Peer Friends: Frahm’s class builds on fun events to make friendly CFHS connections
11.15 NEWS: Class creates cookbook fundraiser
11.15 NEWS: Senior launches electronics drive to help prevent abuse in Congo
11.15 OPINION: Planking old news, Tebowing new rage
11.15 OPINION: Our View: Tell Branstad what Iowa Ed needs
11.15 OPINION: Most of today’s musical inspiration coming from way below the belt
11.15 ENTERTAINMENT: Spotify: New website uses Facebook to offer free music streaming
11.15 ENTERTAINMENT: Setting the Stage: 1997 alum Michael Mosley reveals his path to primetime
11.15 SPORTS: Football team makes playoff run, loses to Bettendorf
11.15 SPORTS: Volleyball team falls short at State, excited for next season
11.15 FEATURE: Students, teachers enter into hairy situation
11.15 FEATURE: Push-Up Brawlers: Social studies teacher pursues interest in roller derby skating
11.15 FEATURE: Fall into Fun: Top 5 healthy and inexpensive fall activities


11.8 NEWS: Occupy Overman Park: Protestors bring Wall Street issues to Cedar Falls
11.8 OPINION: Forbidden Fruit: late Jobs plays God with new technology
11.8 OPINION: Our View: How in Heaven did we reach seven?
11.8 SPORTS: State-Bound: Volleyball gears up for quarterfinals
11.8 SPORTS: Women’s swim team finishes third at State
11.8 FEATURE: I’m with the Band: Senior rocks out on summer tour



11.1 NEWS: Mayor candidates address their plans for youth citizens
11.1 NEWS: Online voting site provides easy alternative to polling booth
11.1 OPINION: In the Holiday Spirit: Shopping coming faster than expected
11.1 OPINION: Our View: The Cain Campaign: Questionable advertising or complete genius?
11.1 OPINION: High School Habitat: Is CF a perfect home for classroom pets?
11.1 OPINION: Global Youth Institute provides exceptional opportunity for students


10.25 NEWS: Fall play offers play on emotions
10.25 NEWS: 40 CFHS students make All-State ensembles
10.25 OPINION: Pursuit of Happiness: We all deserve same rights, regardless of sexual orientation
10.25 OPINION: Our View: Even brutal leaders deserve rule of law
10.25 SPORTS: Cross country teams place 1st at Districts, on to State
10.25 FEATURE: Students take locker decorating to the next level
10.25 FEATURE: Local haunted houses provide wide variety of scares


10.18 NEWS: Classes trade in books for Kindles
10.18 NEWS: Green house receives renovation
10.18 NEWS: Cheer clinic generates youth spirit
10.18 NEWS: Annual food drive goes full throttle
10.18 NEWS: Men’s powder puff plans fundraiser for food drive
10.18 OPINION: American Lit. students use MLK model to express concern on personal issues
10.18 OPINION: Our View: Educational Leaps: High school seniors lead country in competitive exams
10.18 OPINION: Cost of Comfort: Slavery still exists in today’s world, chocolate trade draws on slaves
10.18 OPINION: Shopping with a Conscience: Consumers can use website to check slave footprints
10.18 ENTERTAINMENT: Illegal music continues to grow: Teens find cheap, easy route for more music
10.18 ENTERTAINMENT: Abduction: Teen star brings edge to new film
10.18 ENTERTAINMENT: Rapper needs to teach, not influence
10.18 SPORTS: Student-led Fields of Faith brings students together
10.18 SPORTS: Opinion: Hank Williams Jr. fired, fair?
10.18 FEATURE: Making the grade: Teacher shares tips for standardized tests
10.18 FEATURE: Lunch picnics gain popularity


10.11 NEWS: Twenty CFHS staff lend hands to Extreme Makeover project
10.11 NEWS: Branstad proposes exit exams
10.11 NEWS: Marching band earns division one ranking
10.11 OPINION: Jersey Shore drinking away N.J.’s money
10.11 SPORTS: Men’s golf earns 9th place at State
10.11 FEATURE: Facebook vs. Twitter: Students weigh in on their preferred social media
10.11 FEATURE: The new Facebook (again): Love it or hate it?


10.4 NEWS: Cedar Valley Arboretum: Many things offered in public greens, gardens
10.4 NEWS: Musicians prepare for All-State
10.4 NEWS: Student led prayer group formed
10.4 NEWS: Wellness Walk: Student Senate hosts one kilometer walk to promote healthier lifestyles
10.4 OPINION: What has “Technologic” done to us?
10.4 OPINION: Our View: Helping the hungry
10.4 SPORTS: Top ranked swim team dives into state competition
10.4 SPORTS: Men’s golf team makes run at Districts, State
10.4 SPORTS: Cedar Falls raises $6,500 for cross country coach Don Williams
10.4 FEATURE: Counseling office gives tips for scholarship planning


9.27 NEWS: CF blasts to infinity and beyond
9.27 NEWS: Dance Drama: Senate officer responds to dance complaints
9.27 OPINION: Modern Family: Parents struggle for balance
9.27 FEATURE: Behind the teacher’s desk: Students reverse role in cadet classes



9.20 NEWS: CF family starts their own self-serve yogurt shop
9.20 NEWS: Art department awarded grant
9.20 NEWS: Next pep bus offered Friday, Sept. 23
9.20 OPINION: Our View: Students need to take charge in fight to end bullying
9.20 OPINION: Pants on the Ground: Students should pay more attention to learning than sagging
9.20 OPINION: Say Cheese: Studies show smiling improves mood
9.20 SPORTS: New gym floor, setter, have volleyball team amped up
9.20 SPORTS: New sports psychologist motivates tennis players for upcoming season



9.13 NEWS: Siblings share CF in different aspects
9.13 NEWS: Counselors push for attendance at college fair
9.13 NEWS: From the president’s desk: A look into 2011/12 Student Senate
9.13 FEATURES: Never Forget: CF recounts Sept. 11
9.13 FEATURES: Artapalooza brings forth vibrant artistic community
9.13 FEATURES: Long way from home: CFHS welcomes exchange student from Kosovo
9.13 FEATURES: Flip Out: Students start men’s tumbling group
9.13 OPINION: Proposed oil pipeline raises environmental doubts
9.13 OPINION: Our View: Do it for Don: Join team effort to assist coach with recovery expenses
9.13 SPORTS: Tigers mow down Prairie en route to 41-28 victory
9.13 SPORTS: Rich Engel Classic preview: Tigers find extra motivation in Don Williams’ accident
9.13 CAPTURED: Senior Splash