Huber, Jensen to split time at high school, junior highs

By Katie Corker 2004

Because of an opening in the the guidance departments at the junior highs, counselors Bob Huber and Denise Jensen will be working half-time at the high school and half-time at Holmes and Peet respectively, next year. Counselor Nancy Newton, who currently works half-time at Peet and half-time at Holmes, will be leaving her job after this year to get married.

Becasue of declining enrollment, it is now possible for the district to survive with one less counselor, counselor Jenny Adamson.

“Although it may be a year too soon to take this step, the district is pursuing this course of action so that no one will have to lose his or her job because of a surplus in counselors in later years,” Adamson said.

According to Adamson, the planned course of action for next year is as follows. Firstly, Huber and Jensen will keep students who they have had previously, meaning that all current juniors and sophomores who have either of these two counselors will still have them for 2003-04 and 2004-05.

Next year, Adamson and counselors Marty Port and Susan Langan will divide up incoming sophomores into three categories: Adamson will have A-G, Port will have H-Mc and Langan will have Mc-Z.

While this is quite a lot of students for each person to handle, Adamson said she thinks with cooperation from students, the department will be able to get through the busy year.

“It will be a change for students,” Adamson said. “They may not always be able to access their counselor right away.”

Adamson also emphasized that this change will be especially important for next year’s seniors.

“Seniors will need to allow extra time when asking for recommendation letters because of our added workload,” Adamson said.

Another change for next year will be the elimination of Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) and Peer Tutors.

“There are some things we have to give up,” Adamson said. “We’re trying really hard not to cut the student services part of our guidance function.”

There are also going to be positive results as a part of the switch.

In the coming years, Adamson said she hopes that increased communication between the three schools will allow for cooperation projects.

“Next year will be be a tough adjustment,” Adamson said. “But it will get better.”

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