False assumptions put blame on Bush

By Galen Crippen 2005

“Bush is a Nazi.”

“Bush only cares about oil.”

“Bush is power hungry.”

Sound familiar? Believe it or not, this is the way many people think about our leader. I’m not in any way saying that we should all agree with the president of our country no matter what. I am saying that many people are making assumptions about him just because we have been in bad situations ever since Sept. 11, 2001

Many people automatically blamed Bush for the entire incident, which I find laughable knowing that it was Clinton that had taken so much money out of our military and intelligence prior to this.

Many claim that Bush has started another Vietnam, which is so far off this it, too, is hilarious. Let’s consider why we were in Vietnam, communism and the domino effect. We had no direct threat at the time, and we were simply just trying to keep communism from spreading. No terrorist attacks, no threats and just containment, and many people felt that we should not have been over there.

Let’s now consider why we went into Iraq: We were attacked not too long ago and are trying to keep that from happening again. Intelligence was telling us that there were weapons of mass destruction. OK, you win. they didn’t exist, but did you know that for a fact? Did Bush? Did anybody? No. Nobody knew that. If they had found those weapons, Bush’s approval rating would be soaring.

He did not know for sure that Saddam had the weapons, but would it have been better for him to take that chance, trust the word of a madman, forget the lesson of 9/11 and just sit around and wait for another attack to happen? Or, not take any chance this time and get rid of a threat before it becomes a problem?

This is exactly why Bush sent us over, and it makes me sick that so many people believe otherwise, saying that Bush is power hungry and that he just wants oil, when all his is trying to do is protect his country.

Do you really think that any president in Bush’s situation, considering 9/11, would have actually taken the chance of having another attack happen during his term? Republican or Democrat, I doubt it.

If he had done nothing with Iraq and they had actually had the weapons and attacked us, Bush would be bashed for not having done anything about it. There would then be people that hate Bush for doing nothing, while intelligence was telling us that we might be trouble if we don’t. It could have been political suicide for Bush had he not done his job as commander-in-chief and protected this country to the best of his ability.

This was the decision that our president had to face. It was one that no one would want to make, and it just drives me up the wall when I hear people calling Bush a Nazi, when they themselves might have, very easily, made the same exact decision in his situation.

Those who dislike Bush should base their opinions on facts opposed to assumptions and try to understand his situation.

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