Hi-Line kicks off new adventure

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Reader, as you are investigating this first issue of the The Tiger Hi-line you have probably noticed that we have made some changes. There are the obvious ones such as the creative new flag and other design changes, the jump from four to eight pages, as well as the addition of advertising.

This latter most change was probably the most significant, not only for you, the readers, who now have ads as well as stories to read, but also for us, the Tiger Hi-Line staff.

The year began somewhat stressfully for us as we learned that we could no longer be published free of cost by our former printer; however, we chose to approach this difficult situation with optimism, although any one of us would admit that this was hard at times.

After weighing differing printing options, we decided that the best course of action to take would be to pay for the publishing costs ourselves by including advertising in our paper.

Almost immediately after the final decision was made we brainstormed potential buyers and put together call lists. Then, we spent the first few days of class making pitches over the phone for businesses to advertise with us. We have also been sending faxes, dropping off information to interested buyers and making advertising pitches in person.

And we are so happy it’s working out. Although we put a lot of effort into this paper, we could not do it alone. For their greatly appreciated ads for funding this paper, we would like to thank the following businesses Tojo Construction,Tan Down Under, Shirt Shack Inc. and Omega Red. Without these benefactors, there truly would not have been a paper, in spite of all of our hard work. Any other businesses who’d like to take out an ad in the Hi-Line can contact us at 553-2590.

Lastly, we would like to thank you, the reader. As we begin all of expanded responsibilities, we hope that you will continue to hold us to the same standards of journalism that you come to expect from any other news source in the business. Without you there would be no purpose for a paper. In times such as these, many newspaper subscribers often find themselves choosing television or the Internet over newspapers, and although we do have an excellent website as well, we hope you keep reading newspapers, and not only The Tiger Hi-Line.

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