Food drive deserves effort from CFHS students, staff

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Last year, Cedar Falls High School raised over 23,000 pounds of food for the underprivileged in the contest among Cedar Valley schools. Competitions were among homeroom classrooms and students were very aware of the huge difference they were making in many people’s lives.
Students brought in canned goods, and teachers advertised incentives promoting students to bring in food or money to buy food. This year’s competition is taking place at the same time of year as last year.
This year’s drive had to make some adjustments after the assembly was canceled on the day of homecoming. Student leadership groups had intended to use the assembly to fire up the school to top last year’s finish, but the Students for Social Responsibility rolled with this setback and inspired the Tigers to collect 12 boxes of items after just one week of the five-week drive.
As the uncertainty of America’s current financial crisis tightens its grip, it’s inspiring to know that CFHS students and staff are ready to help soften the blow for those in need, whether it be by cleaning out mom’s pantry or going out and buying food themselves. With many students holding jobs as well as school, there’s no reason they can’t be proactive about getting their hands on some food.
In 2007, the high school did phenomenal in support of the food drive, and 2008 should be no different. This is something CFHS students can really get fired up about.

Hi-Line staff grateful for assistance, consideration from Target, Powers
We would like to thank Principal Dr. Rich Powers for choosing to bestow the money from Target Visa Credit Card purchases to the Tiger Hi-Line to help with the new costs of printing the paper. This money was generously given to the school by Target for use in any way that was deemed necessary, and although there are many worthy, relevant ways in which it can be used, we are grateful for the help.

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