District deserves big thank you for funding remaining Hi-Lines

Our View

This year, the precarious financial situation of The Tiger Hi-line has been no secret. We were informed shortly after the school year began that our previous publisher would no longer publish The Tiger Hi-line free of cost. We took this disheartening news as best we could and tried to remain positive, even almost relishing the feeling of independence selling ads to pay for the printing costs ourselves brought.

However, in spite of our best efforts to sell ads, the economic times did not favor a new business asking others to invest in it. Sadly, the cost of printing a few issues left our finances depleted, and without any money coming in there was no chance for them to recuperate. Obviously, this was not a good situation to be in. However, we were graciously helped by the CFHS administration and now are able to remain a working paper because of it.

We would now like to extend our thanks. When our previous publisher did not inform us of their decision until after the school year started, the school district was unable budget any money for us. However, it has been gracious enough to now be paying for the costs of printing for the rest of this year. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity the school district has given us. Thank you.

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