Fellow ALPHA students clarify Entz’s opinion

Guest Editorial

It’s true that we have moved to a classroom roughly half the size of our beloved old room 147. Our new room is, in the most positive light, quite cozy.
However, (senior Alex) Entz’s views are not representative of the ALPHA program, and we feel that much of the staff and student body erroneously assumed they were. In Entz’s article, he states that ALPHA students are the “best at the school.” We do not believe this. One staff member felt ALPHA students do not give back to the school. While we agree Entz’s article was offensive, some of the sweeping generalizations the editorials made about ALPHA students left us feeling slightly insulted. As previously stated, we do work and believe we have a right to a room like other classes—band, orchestra, shop, etc. However, that does not make us elitist snobs who never contribute. Large percentages of many service groups at CFHS are made up of ALPHA students, including Leadership, Student Senate and Harmony. Some ALPHA students mentor elementary students or perform service outside of school as well. Additionally, our responsibility at this school is to learn, and homework is the most important part of the ALPHA program.

The Learning Lab had to relocate just as we did. To make room for the additional computer lab, administrators had to move them just as well. To believe the ALPHA program’s move to the new room was unjust, you must believe that the Learning Lab’s move was unjust as well. Although we were disappointed that we had to change rooms, it is safe to assume the students in the Learning Lab were disappointed also. We do not feel that we are better than them and deserve the old ALPHA room more than they do. Here at CFHS, everyone deserves the chance to succeed; the Learning Lab and the ALPHA program both offer this opportunity to students. Although the move to the new room was disappointing, we realize that CFHS has an issue of limited space, and that our new room is currently the best possible option.

ALPHA is a class. We do earn credits in ALPHA. Entz’s article gave the impression that we only play games. ALPHA involves independent learning, and we do have projects to to work on. Mr. Kangas supervises us and he grades our projects based on the amount of knowledge we gain. Considering this, it would be nice to have a real classroom some day. Few elementary schools in the district have actual rooms only used for ALPHA class. Peet Junior High shares half of the art room and special education classroom for its ALPHA program. Holmes Junior High’s ALPHA program is located in an area commonly referred to as the “ALPHA closet” by students in the program at Holmes. We believe that the ALPHA program deserves to have more classroom area, but under current conditions, this is simply not possible.

In response to the letters to the editor that the Tiger Hi-Line published last week, we need to make some clarifications. First, the ALPHA room is open to all students, not only ALPHA students. The ALPHA room is a place for students to hang out, relax from educational stresses and be themselves. We encourage others to read our quote board or eat lunch with us. We do not feel as though we are an elitist group, and we do not want others to think that the room literally belongs to us. Our room is for everyone, not solely us. However, if you do come to visit the ALPHA room, you will not find any “upholstered furniture.” All you will find is an incredibly squeaky, rolling computer chair. Additonally, we do have a large-screen television, but it remains unused. It is still in its box as it has been for the entirety of the school year. You may also lose track of time in the ALPHA room because we have no clock. Nevertheless, the ALPHA room is still an awesome place, despite the lack of certian amenities.

In conclusion, we simply want to reiterate that while Entz makes a legitimate point in his article regarding our new room, the article could have been much more respectful. The ALPHA students do not wish to upset others. We are slowly coming to accept our new environment as it is the best current option. While we do not enjoy our new room as much as the old, the opportunites that the new computer lab gives to students in the school far outweighs our discomforts.

—Tori Hurst and
Sarah Wallingford
CFHS ALPHA students

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