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Like many other places hard-hit by the down spiraling economy, the Tiger Hi-Line has been no different. Last year we struggled to come out with a paper every week because we could not come up with the funds to run it. Two years ago we did not have to worry about the costs of the paper because it ran for free and in color in the Courier, but like many businesses cutting corners to save money, we could no longer run for free, and as a result, the Tiger Hi-Line was forced to find other venues. We started to run advertisements of local businesses around the area, but it still wasn’t enough to cover the costs.

This year the staff of the Tiger Hi-Line decided to try something new. We approached people to see if they wanted to sponsor our paper. Surprisingly, we heard back from quite a few people who wanted to support our efforts. Everyone on staff is so happy and grateful to our sponsors, but even with the sponsors, we soon found that the money we received plus extra funds from administration would only last us until the end of the semester. Again, we had to think about other options. Originally, we would have to have a packet of paper stapled at the top that would serve as our paper—a sad substitution for the quality of our previous publications. We assumed this would be the best option because it was significantly cheaper than the option we had been using recently. Then, to our amazement, we got a call back from the printers at the AEA saying that we could have an actual paper in color for cheaper than the stapled packet. As you might guess, we were very happy with this new development.

Over the past decades, our paper has seen many changes in style and content. Although the staff realizes that everyone is suffering from the economic problems, we would like to bring attention to our situation. It is not easy for us either to cope with the state budget cuts, but the staff is doing everything in our power to make sure we continue to live up to our previous standards. The staff would like to thank everyone for sticking with us through our changes, because without our readers the Tiger Hi-Line would be meaningless.

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