Colts’ star needs recognition

Maggie Devine/Senior Writer

Sunday, February 7th: 5 P.M.

Peyton Manning … what a guy! Seriously, he may be the best quarterback of all time. There’s no question that he’s going to lead the Colts to a huge win over the Saints. He is a leader. He is so talented. His stats are amazing.

Sunday, Feb. 7: 10 p.m.

Peyton Manning … what a failure! He lost this game, it was all his fault. He is 9-9 in the post season now.

Everybody knows the Colts lost to the Saints in a very entertaining Super Bowl game last Sunday. It was a well-played game, and the Saints won it out. It’s not the first time an underdog has beaten a favored team, but it wasn’t like the Detroit Lions won. The Saints have been winning all year, and it’s plausible they were able to defeat the Colts. That said, football is a team sport, and it is not all Peyton Manning’s fault. The Saints won the game.

How does Peyton Manning go from “The Best Ever” to absolutely nothing in one game? A big statistic being thrown out there is his 9-9 postseason record.

I don’t understand why sports commentators are so put-off by Manning now that he lost one game. Even though it was a big game, it was only one game. Guess who still holds the record for the Colts single season passing completions? Peyton Manning. Who was the first player to in NFL history with four consecutive 4,000-yard seasons? Most pass attempts, completions, yards gained and touchdowns in their rookie season?

If you want to argue that he’s the best, the stats were there, and they still are. Maybe he’s not the greatest ever, or even the greatest right now, but losing one game shouldn’t cause him to fall in the minds of the fans and become the punching bag for the Colts losing a big game. If he was doing as horrible as the commentators are saying now, why wasn’t he taken out of the game?

The problem here is the sports personalities. With the exception of a few people like Mike Greenberg, they’re all degrading Peyton Manning. It’s unneeded. Manning wasn’t the one who said, “I’m the best quarterback that has ever lived.” It was the television and radio personalities.

If you’re going to decide that someone is suddenly worthless, you should have a better excuse than a Super Bowl loss. After all, Manning led his team to their shot at the Super Bowl.

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