Students utilize search engine reward system

Meg Lane/Staff Writer

Most of us today have used search engines such as Google or, and because the creators want us to keep using them they have created a new system where you can earn points and prizes.

They’re called Swagbucks, virtual points earned periodically when you search on either website. Users can earn prizes depending on how many points they’ve earned. Prizes range from Apple products to gift cards.

Those who participate in Swagbucks don’t have to use just the website either to earn these points.

Users can also trade in old cellphones, invite people to join, shop, send photos or videos, find codes, or submit and answer poll questions.

But it’s not that easy. There are several rules users must follow if they want to win.

This is a sweepstakes, meaning that at any time this can be stopped. Also users can only have one account per household. Multiple accounts will result in disqualification from the sweepstakes. All searches must be legitimate searches, not just the letter “A.” Hacking is strictly prohibited and will also result in disqualification. When users claim a prize, all information must be correct, and if found invalid the users will not receive the prize. Users must also claim the prizes earned within 24 hours of receiving a notification about earning one. No cash substitutes will be allowed to receive prizes. Swagbucks is not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise.

For more rule information, users can visit the site.

Another item that people interested in using this should note is that they have to pay for the shipping. Also, multiple searches don’t increase a user’s chances.

But despite all of this hassle, junior Aubrey Caruso said, “It takes a lot of Swagbucks to get anything, but think of how much you use Google, and for just searching random things you do on a daily basis, you get free stuff.”

Signing up is free, and when users join Swagbucks, they will automatically get two Swagbucks. From there, users can find codes and earn from using either search engines. If they have saved up enough, they can visit the online store to research items they want.

Using Google or has never been so rewarding until now. If anyone would like to find out more, they can checkout for more information.

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