End of semester tests not needed

Our View

Semester tests seem to be a subject that many people have different ideas about. It is said that semester tests in high school are to prep students for college because of the exams you will be given at that level. People also say that semester tests should not be necessary, because some teachers are giving a semester project and that a 90-minute period we are given for each class the last two days of school are not needed. If we did not have the last two days set up that way, we could end the school year with just a regular chapter test, a project or whatever the teacher chooses is necessary.

Here at the Tiger Hi-Line we believe that by not taking semester tests, it would eliminate a lot of a student stress for theses large exams. By teachers giving an end of the year project or finishing out the year by taking a regular chapter test, it would make the end of each semester much easier, not just for students but for teachers as well. Even though there is a side saying that by taking these tests it will ready students for college, why couldn’t we simply take a little longer chapter tests throughout the entire year to prep students for college? Many of us are taking classes during high school because it’s a requirement. In college, it will be for our career and hopefully something we want to do in life. College is supposed to be a new experience, and if students are taught better studying habits throughout their high school years, they will be plenty ready to handle these large exams throughout the rest of their schooling after high school.

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