Oil Spill: Wake up America

 Kaylee Micu/Staff Writer

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of liquid death are pouring into our ocean each day with seemingly no end to it.

On April 20, British Petroleum’s underwater oil well exploded leaving 11 dead. Since then, government officials, environmentalists and concerned citizens are teaming up to try to find a solution to stop the crude oil from spreading even further.

Thousands of sea critters, birds and land animals are at risk every day. Many organizations have been gathering donations to help volunteers save those animals that have been affected by the oil.

To try and slow down the oil from getting to the shore, many pet groomers and hair salons have been shipping out their hair clippings to help absorb the oil.

This incident is so tragic and will be extremely hard to reverse. It’s horrible what our dependency on oil and money has led us to. Greed, in this case, has also led to a downfall for important safety features we’re overlooked on the rig. This could have not only saved us from the thousands of barrels of spilled oil each day, but also possibly the lives of the workers on the rig when it exploded.

America is addicted to disasters it seems. Whenever everything is running “smoothly,” very few people pay attention to the warnings that we might be poised for catastrophe or that there might be another safer, though more challenging, path to take. Then something like Katrina or this oil spill happens, and suddenly the short term struggles we would’ve faced for improvement seem like a breeze compared to the loses we face after the predicted calamities wipe us out.

I think that this is a huge wake up call. We need to really start applying more to alternative energy sources that will help instead of kill the environment. How much longer can we expect to depend on resources that could end up hurting us more than helping us?

America, we need to get smarter and admit that we messed up. Things won’t get better if we blame it on others. We need to help prevent disasters like this.

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