Around Town: Columnist looks for scares

Jessica Dally/Staff Writer

For this article, my friends and I decided to do something a little more exciting than walking around a museum. We wanted to get into the Halloween spirit, so, therefore, we had to locate a terrifying and a decently horrifying place to enjoy a good scare. I googled places and ended up finding a place called Panic Park. Panic Park is located on 5932 N. Union Road in Cedar Falls. Admissions is $9, but if you go onto their website, you can get a dollar off coupon.

When you first get down to the house, you don’t expect to be scared right off. I mean no one is really ready yet. All of a sudden we see this man in a Gilli suit jump out of a tree and act threatening towards us. Being girls, we had every right to scream, and once one girl screams, they all scream. After our first heart attack, the terror went down, and as we waited in line our anticipation went up with the shrieks and thrills awaiting us, along with the chain saw man. We all decided that was what we were looking forward to the most.

I’m not going to tell you all the rooms, but just my favorite ones. As soon as we walk in, the setting is very horror film-related. We meet the hotel management man, who tells us the rules and the accidents in your pants tally. He said people get so scared you can hear them yelling out, “I just peed my pants!” The first room, which wasn’t scary at all, had a waiter who was serving a delicious variety of rodents and bugs, which we all refused. The next thing we know we are walking along a pitch black corridor and come to some more rooms and lots of people scaring the living daylights out of us by jumping out of dark corners and yelling at us. We try to make jokes with then, but we fail. We come to a room with a girl who is shrieking like there is no tomorrow, because there is a monster under her bed. That was a good room, because my group knew the girl personally. The creepiest room by far was the clown room.

The room wasn’t terrifying because of the clowns; it was scary because they would literally get right into your face. They were so close you could feel their breath on you. And they just stared at you, and I have to give them a pat on the back. Not once did they crack a smirk or smile. As we moved on we got stuck in a maze with a ton of other people. This was the part we were all waiting for. Our adrenaline was rushing, and we were all squeezing on to each other. We received terrible news, the chain saw is broken. All of our excitement and anticipation was drained out. We walked out with our heads held low and disappointment on our faces. The haunted house was really good, and luckily none of us peed our pants. I encourage people to go when they have time; it’s worth the money and time.

Next week, another staff writer Maya Amjadi and I will be going to a local, free improv show at theUNIi campus. We heard it’s not family friendly, but we can handle it. We will be talking directly to the performers and getting the inside scoop on the show.

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