Sports Opinion: Division I Football needs playoffs

Football withdrawl. We’ve either seen someone with it or had a bad case of it ourselves.

As soon as the regular season ends and conference championships games have been played, the bowl games are announced.

So, the first couple weeks you’re stuck watching some teams you’ve barely ever heard of battling out a meaningless game for what? To shake the Papa John’s guy’s hand after winning the dull Bowl?

No, that’s not what the college football post-season is all about. It isn’t fair to the coaches or players, and it definitely isn’t fair to the loyal college football fans.

The Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), which is compiled of schools such USC, Iowa and the major football powerhouses, should switch to a playoff system like the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

I think when the season ends, the top 16 teams in the BCS bowl rankings should be put into the playoff system. The rest of the bowl-eligible teams should then get to play in bowl games.

The reason college football doesn’t want to switch to a playoff system is it would potentially lose them a lot of money and sponsorships, but, if you rotated the BCS bowl games like they do now, you would still be bringing in the same income. For instance, one year the Rose Bowl would be the home of the National Championship Game, while the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl could host the third place game, and so on.

A playoff system would make watching the college football post-season so much more interesting. And, it wouldn’t even have to take money away from the NCAA.

But there is one problem; the regular season schedule would have to be shortened a game or two, and conference championship games would be eliminated. Although the NCAA isn’t seriously considering switching to a playoff system right now, I would love to see it happen sometime.

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