CFHS wins annual food drive again

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Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and here at Cedar Falls High School our wonderful food drive ended on Thursday, Nov. 11. This year was a great success too. Our school was able to bring in 24,000 pounds of food. We also beat our total from last year by 4,000 pounds. Even adviser Diane Flaherty was shocked by our results. “I was really surprised we did so well. It looked like when we were loading the truck that we wouldn’t have as much as we did last year, but we exceeded our goal by 4,000 pounds, and that’s really significant.” We were also the top school in the large school food collection for the third year in a row by raising 22.23 pounds per person.

We not only achieved greatness in the community but also within our school. With an amazing 123 cans per student, new kid on the block, social studies teacher Chad Van Cleve’s class was this year’s winner.

“They really took it upon themselves. One parent gave a donation of $40, and then they realized they could win it. I didn’t give them any extra credit. They just did it. It really was a student effort.” Cleve said.

Second place belonged to science teacher Lynn Griffin’s class with 77.7, third was English teacher Doug Wilkinson’s class with 42.8, and finally fourth place was social studies teacher Jeremiah Longneckers’s class with 41.6.

“We didn’t offer any incentives, and yet we still beat our goal, and that’s the best part for me,” Flaherty said.

Students really made a lot of effort this year in donations not only in canned food but money as well.

Such a great effort by all of those winners and other classes really makes a difference to those who will now have something to fill empty bellies.

Tigers should be proud of this great accomplishment and all of the good they did for the families of the Cedar Valley. We all have made a tremendous difference in the lives of these families.

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