Snowflakes help support medical center in Africa

Our View

This year’s French classes are on yet another mission to help Africa.

For the past few years, French teacher Anna Danforth has been distributing snowflake ornaments to her French students so they can sell them. The snowflakes are completely hand made by African women. Biba, along with other African women started making these ornaments for their malnourished children who stay at at the Gamboula Medical/ Nutrition center. Children from all over Africa go to Gamboula in order to receive proper nutrition while their mothers receive a proper education about nutrition in order to help their children prevent a return to Gamboula Medical/ Nutrition center.

The ornaments are made from grass and wrapped in strips from plastic bags in order to keep the grass from falling apart.

In the past, the ornaments have been sold for a $1 but this year the French students are leaving the price open to what costumers are willing to donate.

We at the Tiger Hi-line feel this is an excellent endeavor. Our world is rife with problems and any steps to help alleviate them deserve our attention. With all the proceeds going towards Gamboula Medical/ Nutrition center, we encourage students and staff to help support this project.

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