Student-led Fields of Faith brings students together

Jared Hylton/Sports Editor

Roughly 200 students met in the auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 12 for Fields of Faith hosted by the Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA).

It was originally to be held at Hauser Stadium, but was moved to the auditorium due to rain.

The event was organized by Holmes gym teacher Corey Peters.

“Fields of Faith is a National Fellowship of Christian Athletes event that is held at college, high school, junior high and youth fields all across the United States,” Peters said.

Northern Iowa receiver Jarred Herring was one of one of many students that stood up and gave his testimony.

“It was cool having a UNI player talk to us about his faith. He seemed really religious,” junior Kalehl Brown said.

Peters held Fields of Faith with the intention of bringing young people together and worshiping with one another.

“For so many years we have built up walls between Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Lutherans, Catholics, non-denomination and people that are not Christian.

This event is designed to bring people together.

We need to come together to love one another,” Peters said.

As students stood up and gave powerful testimonies using examples from their own lives and examples from the Bible, students attentively listened.

To finish off a powerful night of testimonies, tears and realizations, students split up into smaller groups and prayed.

“All of [the students] were in small groups together praying.

That is a wonderful example of God working in their lives,” Peters said.

“[Jesus] reached out to the hurt and broken.

People who were out casted and ostracized — he reached out to them, even the people who eventually crucified him.

If he can do that, why should it be so hard for us to love people in our community?”

The plan for next year’s Fields of Faith is already under construction.

Peters says he hopes to outgrow the high school and move into the Dome.

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