The (lost) art of parking

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After getting up late and rushing through the morning routine, driving usually becomes something like a NASCAR race. When people get rushed, things tend to get more and more neglected. Sadly, what really gets the short end of the stick is parking. When rushed for time, people just call it good when the entire rear ends of their cars are sticking out of their spots. Seriously, the amount of people who come to school, pull their car sloppily into a spot and just ignore the fact that they are either over the line or out of the spot completely is getting out of hand.

More and more pictures and websites dedicated solely to terrible parking have sprung up due to the exponentially expanding amount of people who simply don’t understand how to pull their cars properly into the spots. What did these people learn in driver’s ed? Parallel parking is not really that hard, and diagonal parking — a majority of the high school parking — is incredibly simple.

So why can’t people learn that bad parking results in tickets and people who aren’t particularly pleased with a terribly parked car that conveniently takes up two spots? The world may never know.

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