Packing for college: things to bring

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In preparation for college, it seems that new college freshmen pack everything and anything they think will be useful, is considered “cool” or will make the other gender swoon. Sometimes, this mass packing extravaganza results in more than a small shopping spree. Because people expect to have the same luxurious life in college that they were able to enjoy at home, too much money is spent on buying new things.

But often in this great relocation of stuff, some very basic and rather essential things are overlooked. Instead of buying that new TV or going all out on furniture, check out this list.
When that annoying, snoring roommate won’t seem to wake up and blow his nose, a pair of ear plugs can fix that problem. Instead of having to deal with countless nights sitting up waiting for the snoring to end, simply sleep with ear plugs.

Just like any other other mass bathing facility, bring shower shoes. No one will ever be able to say that a shower is perfectly clean and free of filth. Save some trouble and just wear shower shoes or even flip-flops.

Now, to the handyman side of things. Everything breaks. Television sets, door hinges and maybe even your bunk. That’s why it is important to bring things like hammers, screwdrivers and pliers to save some time and ever-so valuable money.

Finally, bring air fresheners. Nobody wants to walk into a smelly, wasteland of a dorm room. Make sure to try and convey, “I like to keep things clean” rather than, “I love the smell of old garbage and sweat.”

Brings these items to college, and you won’t regret it.

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