Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it?

Valentine’s Day has always been known as a day to show your loved ones how much you truly care. But as of late, this “holiday” has been taking a different meaning. Some folks tend to believe that Valentine’s Day is meant as an opportunity for greeting card, flower and chocolate companies to make an extra buck.

Valentine’s Day is named after a saint, but the truth of the matter is we do not actually know which Saint Valentine it is actually named after since there are three known Saint Valentines. Legend says that Saint Valentine sent the first valentine while in prison for marrying the king’s soldiers. He had fallen in love with the jailer’s blind daughter, and before he was sentenced to death wrote her a letter and signed it “From your Valentine.”

Although the history of this holiday is unclear, the holiday is loved … and hated. One reason for haters is because of its unnecessary nature and the encouragement of spending money on over-priced flowers and chocolate for that special someone. Another reason it is the No. 1 holiday to hate is for those of the population that do not have a significant other the snuggle up to.

For those that hate Valentine’s Day, it is estimated that 15 percent of women send themselves flowers on the dreaded day. However, it is not known how many of those women are single or in a relationship. And for those that believe that V-Day is a “Hallmark” holiday, over $1 billion dollars is spent on chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Approximately 110 million red roses will be sent in the United States alone within a three day Valentine’s Day period.

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