School works to clean up trash on ground

Trash has become a big problem at Cedar Falls High School in the past year. McDonalds bags, Jimmy John’s cups, Subway napkins, and much more have come to coat the school’s parking lots and neighboring yards. There has always been an issue with trash on school grounds, but this year has seen a much worse situation.

“It almost seems like students think it is perfectly acceptable to just throw things on the ground,” said Associate Principal Troy Becker.

Students have complained that there would be no trash situation if there were more trash cans surrounding the school and not filled to the brim all the time. However, the school has already added two new garbage cans to the north lot and has taken to emptying the cans more often.

Not only has the garbage effected school grounds, but resident’s homes as well.

“The garbage often ends up blowing into the yards of house’s that are close to the school.  We want to be good neighbors to them and keep our property clean so they don’t have to continually clean up our garbage,” said Becker.

Administration has made numerous announcements and have been working with custodians to improve how things get collected. Students have also had the opportunity to shave off detention minutes by picking up trash. Student Senate has been throwing around some ideas on how to help the situation.

“We try as an organization to better improve our school, and picking up trash around the grounds helps make our school look more professional,” said Student Senate President Jesse Streicher.

Although it is not yet set in stone, Senate is trying to create a cleanup day which would happen on Earth Day. Students in study halls and who have release will have the opportunity to clean up around the school.

Take out wrappers and empty cups are not biodegradable and are harmful to the enviornment. Students should show some pride for their school and keep the campus, and ultimately the world, looking clean and green.

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