Autumn Action: FCA welcomes all to fields, meetings

he Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club at the high school participated in the Fields of Faith event hosted on the high school track and football field last Wednesday, Sept. 18. Many Cedar Valley youth groups attended this event that featured testimonies from some of the over 500 participants.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a worldwide organization that has been around since the ‘60s. There wasn’t one in Cedar Falls. This is why P.E. teacher Corey Peters decided to start one in our area.

“I think we have too big of divides in our lives between communities, social classes, race, sex, religion, etc,” Peters said regarding why he started FCA.

FCA is every 2nd and 4th Monday in each month in the Holmes Cafeteria from 6:30 p.m.- 8 p.m. The high school also just started its own FCA this fall.

The purpose of this group is to impact the community, family, schools, etc. Peters also wanted to start this group because he wanted to have a group that was known for how they love others — not just the ones who act like they love others, but ones where they actually do something to show it. “I want them to love everyone and be known for it,” Peters said.

Anyone can come to FCA even if they are not a Christian or an athlete. Once a student told Peters that he wasn’t an athlete. Peters then asked him if he had ever thrown a ball, the student said yes, “You are an athlete then,” Peters said.

Throughout FCA Peters has had many amazing experiences. A couple years ago he had a girl who was an atheist join the group. Peters loved having her there but wondered why she was coming to a Christian program if she was atheist, so he asked her. She said it was the only place that she felt accepted and loved.

At FCA they talk about the importance of reading the Bible, and at the end of the meeting they have prayer time where they pray for other students. They also invite students from UNI to speak sometimes. The meetings usually have a speaker, short devotion and games in the gym at the end. Peters also makes homemade BBQ once a year, and besides that, they also have treats and pizza often.

This last week there was also the third Fields of Faith (FOF). Over 500 people attended this event. At FOF, students share stories about how God has impacted their lives. The majority of this event is run by students. “They challenge each other to, one begin a relationship with Christ, two, get into his word daily, three impact their home, school and community for him,” Peters said.

Also every Thursday students have the opportunity to go out and pray for people. They hand out groceries to families in need.

Those interested can also check out Peters blog for many other stories and pictures at

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