Color dashers raise funds for charity

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Students lined up to participate in the Color Dash: The World’s Brightest 5k on Sept. 9 at Gateway Park.

The Color Dash is an untimed 5k race where the participants run through five different “Color Zones,” stations where different colored powder is thrown at the participants. As the Dash continues, the runners find themselves covered in a spectrum of colors.

Not only is the Dash fun, but every Color Dash teams up with a different charity or organization that helps benefit the community. This race was held to benefit the fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus, which is the infection of the nervous system with a potentially deadly bacteria.

CFHS students Jamie Becker and Agatha Fenech both ran in the color-infused race. “My mom and I saw the poster and thought it was for a really good cause,” Fenech said. “We thought it would be really fun
to participate.”

“I have never done the race before. The coolest part is definitely getting the color powder thrown at you,” said Becker, covered in color.

At the end of the race, everyone huddles around for the final color explosion. Everyone receives a color packet that at the end of the countdown, is thrown up in the air creating a shower of colors. After the explosion, kids made color angels in the powder.

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