Heart of Darkness offers decent scares

The Heart of Darkness is one of the fan favorite haunted houses in the Cedar Valley. For $17 this haunted house provides scares from both decorations and people dressed up to try to scare you. Here the people that volunteer can talk, touch or grab you in attempts to scare you as you walk through the haunted house. Though, most of the time they do not actually manage to get a scream or scare out of you.

The haunted house is set up well including; a clown room, a ghost abandoned bus and a small area that you are chased out of by two people holding chainsaws. All while you’re going through the maze, you and your group are given a rope for everyone to keep one hand on at all times. The leader of your group is also given a flashlight that will force the volunteers (monsters) away and keep them from having any contact with you.

As you walk through the house you are occasionally followed by one or more unaccounted “guests” or “party members.” They do not speak to you but hover until you enter the next part of the maze.

The clown room is probably the best part of the Heart of Darkness. Upon entering, each member of your group is given 3-D glasses that help add thrills and excitement to your experience. The clowns here are far from shy and like to talk and try to scare you.

For instance, at one point you will be greeted by some clowns, or one clown, when you get to an area that is surrounded by doors. He or she will tell you to choose what door to go through carefully and not to pick the wrong one and be locked in with them.

After you leave the clown room, you must return your 3-D glasses and carry on your way through the rest of the haunted house and its maze.

The last “scary” thing you will encounter are the two people that chase you with chainsaws. This is probably the scariest thing at the Heart of Darkness, based on thrill and adrenaline itself.

All in all, the experience lasts roughly 15 minutes, and, for the most part, will leave you with some cliche Halloween jokes, scares and thrills.

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