Swim team eyes undefeated season

The women’s swim team has an undefeated record this year and hoping not to change that throughout the rest of the season.

The girls just added on to their undefeated record after winning against Dubuque Senior on Tuesday and are hoping to add another win to their record next Friday, Oct. 19 at the Mississippi Valley Conference (MVC)  swimming meet at Mercer Aquatic Center.

The swim team wakes up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for swim practice at 5:45, and on the mornings that they are not waking up to swim, they are getting in the weight room to work out. Even though the swim team has practice every weekday morning, they also have practice after school two hours every day as well.

With an undefeated record the swim girls know what it feels like to win. “You feel like the coolest person. Even if it wasn’t a good team, when you win, you walk away feeling pretty awesome,” junior Martee Grainger said, explaining how it feels to win.

The swim team girls do many different team bonding things, team meals and a big sister little sister program where they bring each other little gifts on home meets and most invitationals, and other bonding things that help them grow closer as a team.

“My favorite part is probably the people you meet and the friends you make,” sophomore Anna Stillman said.

This year the team has a couple goals they want to achieve. They are shooting to break all the relay records. They also have a shot to win State, but they are aiming for at least third place.

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