Pink Power | Students show support for community members

Students have recently been showing their support for a variety of individuals recovering from life threatening illnesses.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, students showed their support for the mom of junior Liz Gerstenkorn, Cindi Knox, who is suffering from a brain tumor. T-shirts designed by junior Faith Ford were worn by students to raise awareness for the cause. “Nearly 75 shirts were purchased,” Gerstenkorn said. “My mom loved the shirts, and it made her happy to know how many people cared about her.”

Knox underwent surgery on Tuesday, Oct. 29 to remove the tumor. “Her surgery went very well. It didn’t take as long as they thought it would,” Gerstenkorn said.

Things are continuing to progress and Knox’s condition is improving.

Another example of support from students comes from Katie Walsworth’s special needs classroom. These students made hats for numerous chemotherapy patients at Covenant Medical Center to show their support for them in their battle with cancer. Half of the hats were purple and half pink.

“We made 23 chemo hats and took them to the cancer treatment center. When we delivered them, we were able to give one to a patient having treatment,” Walsworth said. “Our class wants to take the responsibility to contribute to our community by helping people in need by being actively engaged in projects where we plan, work and learn together.”

Junior Robert Novak, one of the students involved on the project, said, “It was awesome. The person we gave the hat to was going to get a hat from Walmart, but we made her day by bringing the one we made for her. The rest of the chemo patients received their hats right after her and knowing that winter is coming up, it made us feel good to keep all of their heads warm.”

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