Mods dig up new views for Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that allows users to create an entirely new world completely unique to  you. You can either play it as the original game, or you can install mods or skins to make it even more unique. The mods are for the PC version of Minecraft and may not yet be on the Xbox 360 or PS3 version.

In Minecraft there are many skins you can have for your character. You can be a superhero or a character from some of your favorite video games as well. One skin pack that is very cool, though, is the My Little Pony skins. With these skins you look exactly like whichever pony you pick, and other people that you play with in the “Mine Little Pony” mod will look like ponies from the show even if their skin isn’t really a pony. Also with this skin, you have wings and can fly. You can also install the “Mine Little Pony” mod to make the world look more cartoonish, like the My Little Pony world.

Another mod that animal lovers will love is the Mo’ Creatures mod that puts many new animals and enemies into the game. In this mod, there are lions and tigers and bears, but if you prefer to not to be viciously attacked, less threatening animals are avaliable, like bunnies, birds and even lightning bugs. The creatures can be your beloved pet or your worst enemy.

For those who love Skyrim, there is a Skyrim mod that changes how the villagers and the blocks around the world look to make it look more like Skyrim. It even makes the animals look different. A lot of the cities that you visit in adventures in Skyrim exist in this Minecraft mod as well.

For anyone who wants to continue to try to “catch them all,” there is a Pokemon mod called Pixelmon allows users to mine in the Pokemon world. In Pixelmon you can see all kinds Pokemon in different types of biomes, such as water Pokemon in the sea and grass Pokemon in the woods and plains. It might be surprising when a Charizard suddenly flies through the sky, but it’s easy get used to the many Pokemon living in your world with Pixelmon.

If you’re looking for a simple mod that won’t take up too much space on your computer, there are many to choose from. For example, there is the timber mod which lets you chop down the bottom block of a tree with an axe and the rest of the wood blocks break without needing to chop each one down. There is also a familiars mod where you can use your levels to buy familiars like Navi from The Legend of Zelda games. She is a familiar that, if attached, will start saying her famous “Hey Listen!” when there are diamonds or emeralds around you.

A dyeable beds mod allows you to dye your beds other colors than red, which is the original color in the game. If you like farming in Minecraft, you should also look into the “Harvestcraft” mod which gives you many new trees and plants to grow and harvest. Just be careful and make sure to fence your garden off, or the animals will get in and destroy your crops.

If none of these mods for Minecraft interest you, simply look online for other types of mods, and there should be plenty that raise your interest. Have fun playing Minecraft!

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