In memory of CFHS soldier, pitch in on behalf of veterans

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Back on Feb. 17, 2007, former CFHS student Travis Vaughn was killed in Afghanistan when his mission was cancelled after the Chinook he was on crashed with 22 people on board. In the crash, 14 were injured and eight died. Vaughn was among the eight.

Since the crash and loss of Vaughn, his friends and family have started up a program that raises supplies and money to give to past and present veterans that are in need of basic supplies. This is called the Shower of Gifts, and this year Cedar Falls High School will participate in it’s third year of the program.

From now through the Dance Marathon on Jan. 15, students can donate certain items to the Shower of Gifts by placing the items in boxes located in the library, front office and the counseling office. From there the items will be taken and donated to the Marshalltown Veteran’s Home on Feb. 18.

There are roughly 400 residents at the veteran’s home, around 300 males and 100 females. By accident we often times forget that there are also female veterans and don’t think of some more feminine items that they would appreciate, such as nail polish or maybe some scented shampoo.

This year some items that they are asking for donation are basic everyday supplies like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and socks. Last year’s “hot items” were warm lap blankets.

It’s a group effort to help and donate to this cause. These men and women served our country by risking their lives for our own and our future’s lives, along with our freedom. It wasn’t easy by any means, and it’s our time to thank them.


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