Tiger Den open for business

IMG_2077The CFHS Tiger Den has officially opened and is ready to house students during their releases, lunch shifts and before and after school. The Tiger Den is located right beside the library in the library’s old and retired computer lab from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and can hold up to 50 students.

“[The Tiger Den] gives students another positive option for free periods,” Associate Principal Troy Becker said.

The hang-out space provides a new place for students to go and relax while eating some food or drinking some pop or sports drink, and it will soon be serving food and drinks of its own in the near future.

Katie Walsworth is the teacher in charge of the new Tiger Den and said, “It gets kids out of the hall and a chance to hangout.”

As far as rules and regulations go, there are no major rules for the new Tiger Den except to show respect to those inside and to make sure the volume is still softer than that of the cafeteria.

There are also some advantages to having a Tiger Den. Becker said, “It’s a place that students in good standings can sign out of study hall and the commons to go and hang out in. It’s [also] a place for students to collaborate and visit during the day.”

The Tiger Den is place to go for other things besides hanging out, such as eating lunch and eventually for buying food and coffee and drinks. It will also be a place for students to go and take tests during release and before school depending on the volume and amount of people in the Tiger Den.

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