Carnelley pursues new career as counselor in North Carolina

This year, several CFHS teachers and staff have announced that this year will be their last at Cedar Falls. Among these is Principal Dr. Rich Powers who announced that he will be leaving at the end of the year to pursue a superintendent position at Bondurant-Farrar, a district down by Des Moines. Another faculty member who will be joining the list of departing teachers is counselor Josh Carnelley.

STA_STA_CARNELLEY_MR_JOSHCarnelley will be leaving after seven years to move to the Wilmington area of North Carolina with his wife and two children. Since the beginning of his marriage with his wife of 13 years, they have considered living on the coast in North Carolina during retirement. However, Carnelley said, “After visiting the state twice these last two years and really digging into more opportunities the state offers for all of us, we decided to take the adventure now and jump in with both feet.”

Prior to working at Cedar Falls High School, Carnelley worked as a school counselor at Independence High School and Rockwell City-Lytton High School. Before that, he worked as a substitute teacher for Cedar Falls, Waterloo and Janesville schools while working on his masters degree in school counseling.

Although he is changing states, Carnelley plans to stay in the education field as a school counselor and hopes to coach track, golf or football as well.

Carnelley has great enthusiasm for his new life in North Carolina. Work-wise, he is excited to “continue to work with students as a counselor, mentor and coach” and “help wayward youngsters get back on course, get through a rough spell or find a true vocation in life.”

As for his personal life, he is especially excited to experience the outdoors. “Whether we are hiking or skiing up in the mountains on the west side of the state, golfing or enjoying all the ocean has to offer, it will be a new experience for all of us, which will be great,” Carnelley said.

Although Carnelley looks forward to the move, he admits that it was an incredibly tough decision to make. He truly loves his job at Cedar Falls High School, whether he is counseling or coaching. Carnelley fully appreciates the students and committees he gets to work with, as well as the responsibilities he has. He said that “every day is different, and this has been an excellent position to have.”

In fact, Carnelley has a long list of things that he will miss about the high school. He will miss bringing his children to the school to hang out with him while he works or for school activities. Carnelley also said he will miss several aspects of athletics at the high school, whether it be working out with other coaches or working with his throwers for track and field.

Most of all, however, he said that he will miss the great relationships he has with his students, athletes and colleagues, which he claims made his decision to leave difficult. “I have been fortunate to work in such a great place in which my family and myself were so welcomed upon our arrival. We are very thankful to have had all the support that the Cedar Falls community has offered us,” Carnelley said.

As a final word of advice for CFHS students, Carnelley said, “Don’t be afraid of an adventure, always find time to give back, stay optimistic, cool heads prevail and take time to listen to those with good advice.”


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