9.19 NEWS: Students kick off new science club

9.19 NEWS: Student Senators share aspirations for year

9.19 NEWS: Fresh Faces

9.19 OPINION: Our View: Be sure to explore homecoming events

9.19 OPINION: Game Time

9.19 FEATURE: Mindblowingly Glorious

9.19 FEATURE: End Of Days: CFHS Student Film

9.19 SPORTS: Bardal resigns

9.19 SPORTS: Color dashers raise funds for charity

9.19 SPORTS: Starting Strong


9.26 NEWS: Next Generation Teachers

9.26 NEWS: FCA

9.26 OPINION: Tooth Decay?

9.26 OPINION: Our View: Homecoming is no excuse

9.26 SPORTS: Cedar Falls shocked by Metro rival West

9.26 SPORTS: Storm interrupts Rich Engel event

October 3

10.3 NEWS: Leaving the Nest

10.3 OPINION: Our View: No Child Left Behind raises stakes

10.3 OPINION: Overblown: Media hype hiding real gun story

10.3 OPINION: Powerful web video shows texting can wait

10.3 OPINION: Energy drinks have down sides

10.3 SPORTS: Young golf team finishing strong

October 10

10.10 NEWS: Senior starts campaign to end mental health stigma

10.10 OPINION: Welcome to Yotopia

10.10 SPORTS: Sports Opinion: Steroids more than cheating

10.10 SPORTS: Swim team eyes undefeated season

October 17

10.17 NEWS: Marching band receives Division I at State

10.17 NEWS: CF Schools receive PE grant

10.17 FEATURE: Stage Ninjas


10.17 OPINION: Our View: Meager Solution

10.17 OPINION: ‘Walking Dead’ chews into fourth season

10.17 SPORTS: Food Drive 5K

October 24

10.24 NEWS: Confession Twitter accounts drawing ire

10.24 FEATURE: Back to the Old Grind

10.24 OPINION: Fans wish for old Cyrus

10.24 OPINION: Heart of Darkness

10.24 OPINION: Our View: October busy month for CFHS

10.24 SPORTS: Should college athletes be paid?

October 31


10.31 SPORTS: Cheerleaders ready for State

10.31 SPORTS: Fall clubs help soccer players stay sharp

10.31 FEATURE: Rising Up

November 8

11.8 NEWS: Potential coffee shop

11.8 NEWS: Pink Power

November 15

11.15 NEWS: Senior earns top delegate at Boys Nation

11.15 NEWS: Tigers raise 16 tons for food drive

11.15 NEWS: Engineering students receive college credit

11.15 NEWS: Many ways to earn college credit

11.15 OPINION: Our View: Everyone wins in food drive

11.15 OPINION: Overachievers: An Epidemic?

11.15 ENTERTAINMENT: From Print to the Big Screen

November 22

11.22 NEWS: Musicians transition to winter groups

11.22 NEWS: Craft sale opens Saturday

11.22 NEWS: Storytellers host concert

11.22 OPINION: That Lonesome Whistle Calls

11.22 OPINION: Fans eagerly await return of British television shows

11.22 OPINION: College teams angle for state glory as seasons tip off

11.22 SPORTS: Athletes prepare during off season

11.22 FEATURE: Turkey-less Thanksgiving

December 6

12.6 NEWS: Media Monarch

12.6 OPINION: Our View: Do Better. Be Better. For Smith

12.6 OPINION: Know the Signs of S.A.D.

12.6 SPORTS: Wrestlers face busy week

12.6 FEATURE: Anticipating new families, animals wait for adoption

December 13

12.13 NEWS: Students, staff race toward finals

12.13 OPINION: More than just warming

12.13 SPORTS: Cheerleaders earn All-American

12.13 SPORTS: CF Dance teams take state by storm

January 17

1.17 NEWS: Chromebooks create new opportunities

1.17 NEWS: Find your way around Chromebook

1.17 NEWS: Junior on track to graduate early

1.17 NEWS: Schoology

1.17 OPINION: Our View: CFHS has lots to be proud of

1.17 OPINION: Hi-Line staff share wishes for 2014

1.17 SPORTS: Head volleyball coach resigns

1.17 SPORTS: Tigers struggle, West up next

1.17 ENTERTAINMENT: Hi-Line staff revisits 2013 favorites

1.17 ENTERTAINMENT: Top video games of 2013 win big at VGX

January 31

1.31 NEWS: Exchange students experience American life

1.31 NEWS: MVP

1.31 NEWS: P.E. teacher continues recovery in midst of her pregnancy

1.31 ENTERTAINMENT: Mods dig up new views for Minecraft

1.31 ENTERTAINMENT: Video games adding new horizons to art

1.31 OPINION: Prom Panic

1.31 OPINION: Our View: Assistance plans delivering results

1.31 OPINION: Diet sodas face questions

1.31 FEATURE: CFHS student stars in two shows

1.31 SPORTS: Shadow Grows over America’s Game

1.31 SPORTS: CFHS switches from MVC to District 5

February 7

2.7 NEWS: Code Talkers


2.7 NEWS: New P.E. electives

2.7 FEATURE: Teacher Talent

2.7 OPINION: Activist visits with Hi-Line writer

2.7 OPINION: Our View: In memory of CFHS soldier, pitch in on behalf of veterans

2.7 SPORTS: Bouncing Back

2.7 SPORTS: Tigers sign letters of intent

February 14

2.14 NEWS: New AP music class

2.14 NEWS: Speech team competes at State

2.14 OPINION: Our View: Gay prospects NFL potential far from a ‘distraction’

2.14 SPORTS: Cedar Valley Sportsplex opens

February 21

2.21 NEWS: Timmins retires

2.21 NEWS: CFHS students create speedy performance

2.21 NEWS: Tiger Den open for business

2.21 OPINION: #SochiProblems?

2.21 SPORTS: World Cup captures global focus

March 7

3.7 NEWS: Spring play

3.7 NEWS: Jazz bands triumph at Tallcorn

3.7 NEWS: Swartdogs claim crown in Illinois

3.7 FEATURE: Art students create bowls for hungry

3.7 ENTERTAINMENT: Film Fest entrants polish creations

3.7 NEWS: Pokémon on Netflix

3.7 OPINION: Blocking UV burns will save lives

3.7 OPINION: Tanning bill is overreach by State

3.7 OPINION: Our View: Extracurriculars deserve recognition

3.7 SPORTS: New NBA commissioner ends ‘one and done’

3.7 NEWS: Speech team sends 24 to State Individuals

March 28

3.28 NEWS: Carnelley pursues new career as counselor in North Carolina

3.28 OPINION: Marijuana policies deserve rewriting

3.28 OPINION: Our View: Come taste the Tiger Den

April 4

4.4 NEWS: Peet Principal takes high school position

4.4 OPINION: Divergent Disaster

4.4 SPORTS: Hoiberg’s crew anticipate another big year

April 11

4.11 NEWS: Psychology teacher announces retirement

4.11 NEWS: Science teacher plans to retire

4.11 OPINION: Videogame myths


4.11 SPORTS: March Madness

April 25

4.25 NEWS: Students showcase musical talents

4.25 NEWS: MVP visits health classes

4.25 NEWS: Model UN heads to spring conference

4.25 OPINION: Riot Ruin

4.25 OPINION: Our View: Make every day earth day 

4.25 FEATURE: History Alive

4.25 SPORTS: Running Strong

4.25 SPORTS: Top Tigers racing to Drake

4.25 SPORTS: Women’s soccer adjusting

4.25 NEWS: Sophomore turns English project into play

May 2

5.2 NEWS: Swartdogs encounter setbacks

5.2 NEWS: Snapchat interruption draws ire

5.2 NEWS: Final music concerts lined up for May

5.2 OPINION: Armed Insight

5.2 OPINION: Our View: Let’s keep prom clean

5.2 SPORTS: CF track joins international legacy

5.2 NEWS: Students make their own prom dresses

May 9

5.9 NEWS: Teachers begin to embrace Schoology

5.9 NEWS: Engineering students share successes

5.9 OPINION: Our View: Death penalty needs revisions

5.9 SPORTS: Blackhawks begin final series

5.9 NEWS: School will add five minutes next year










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