Join Team Elliot: Spanish teacher’s son begins recovery from cancer

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Battling with adversity, hardships and pain are all a part of life. But there are few battles that are harder than those you cannot fight for yourself.

Spanish teacher Simone Sundblad is currently wishing she could fight the battle her two-year-old son, Elliot, is facing right now. A battle with a Wilms tumor.

After Elliot stayed home sick from school on Oct. 8, Sundblad took him to the doctor’s office to get him checked out. With fear that something serious could be going on, they were sent to the world renown Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. At Mayo Clinic is where they discovered it was a Wilms tumor, a tumor that is more common for young children and is successfully treatable. Elliot’s cancer appears to be attached to the kidneys but is contained.

For Elliot, the next few months will include 12 weeks of weekly outpatient chemo, removal of the tumor, 12 more weeks of weekly outpatient chemo and then radiation to make sure all of the cancer cells are targeted.

“Thanks again to all who have supported us. We’re doing our best to take this journey one day at a time and are leaving the future to God,” Sundblad said on her blog where she keeps Elliot and the rest of the family’s situation updated.

You can read her blog at

If you are interested in helping the family with any expenses, you can go to where over $3,000 has already been raised in just the first week. You can also buy Team Elliot bracelets in the office or by talking to seniors Adrienne Boettger or Lyndsey Bardal for a donation of $5.

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