Chess club makes opening moves

By: Zuhayr Alam

There is a new club at CFHS that students can join: the Chess Club. The club’s first meeting was on Dec.11 in math teacher Rich Strike’s room. The group plans to meet after school every Thursday, and the meetings will run until 4 p.m.

Junior Sam Ponnada helped to form the group.

“Sam [Zhang] and I both had chess clubs at the schools we were at before we came to Cedar Falls High School,” Ponnada said. “We both like chess, and we realized that there was no chess club here, and we thought it would be cool.”

Ponnada said he hopes the the club will help its members.

“I hope that the club can increase interest in chess at CFHS as well as provide a place to play and learn chess,” Ponnada said. “Playing chess can also give the player peace of mind and helps you to think clearly.”

Co-founder Sam Zhang agreed with Ponnada.“We have seen many people play chess in school,” Zhang said. “We wanted to give them a place to assemble as one group.”

At their last meeting, there were a total of 10 players, but Ponnada would like to remind students that the doors will be open.

“Anyone can join, even if they haven’t played chess before,” Ponnada said. “The doors will be open.”

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