Back from Break

Junior Aaron Heimbuck went to Disney World over winter break to spend some quality time with his girlfriend’s family. They opened presents together and drank eggnog.

“We really got into the Christmas spirit,” Heimbuck said.

They received various presents from each other, all the way from clothes to money.

“We took a lot of pictures together and rode on a lot of rides,” Heimbuck said.

One ride in particular, the Rockin Roller Coaster, really stood out to them, so Heimbuck and his girlfriend stood in line for over an hour just so they could ride this ride. It was packed with drops and speedy moments.

After the ride, Heimbuck and his girlfriend proceeded to go to the carnival games to maybe win some prizes.

After playing some Whack-A-Mole, he noticed that his skills in the game were amazing.

“I love you,” he said as he gave his girlfriend the huge bear he had just won.

Junior Logan Mozena’s break was filled with basketball, basketball and some more basketball.

Mozena spent a lot of his break practicing for the games that were coming up after break.

“There was an unbelievable amount of running,” Mozena said.

His team practiced on their shooting and ball handling for what seemed like the whole day. Practice was packed with fun, excitement and insidious drills. Some of the drills took them the whole day to master.

One play in particular was supposed to lead up to a layup for Mozena to make into the basket. A lot of his teammates were confused and didn’t really understand what their role was in the drill.

After messing up multiple times, coach Schultz was starting to get a little furious at the fact that many of the players were not trying hard enough.

“That day we ran for more than half of practice,” Mozena said.

They ran laps for what seemed like days and suicides that would never end.

Junior Marquise Jones spent his winter break working at his part time job at Little Caesars.

With over 30 hours per week on the clock, Jones worked harder than he has ever worked.

“Winter break was not fun time to work,” Jones said.

Hordes and hordes of people were rushing through the doors for pizza. Jones was making pizzas faster than he has ever made pizzas before.

Christmas eve came by and Jones was ready for a rest day at Little Caesars.

After spreading salsa, placing cheese and toppings for what seemed like the whole day, he was finally finished; it was time to close.

The store looked absolutely disgusting.

There was dough stuck to the ground everywhere. Cheese and salsa was spread out all across the floors and tables.

“I’ve never seen a bigger mess in my life,” Jones said.

After cleaning for literally over an hour, Jones and his coworkers finally finished.

He threw all the trash he could away and tidied up some of the smaller jobs for the people that were coming in to work the next day.

Finally, everything was finished. Jones turned off the lights, put all the money away and proceeded out the front door.

But just as he was about to walk out he remembered that he should look at the schedule to see the next time he would work.

“I looked at the schedule on the wall … 10 a.m. till 5p.m. on Dec. 31.”

“I wanted to cry right there on the spot,” Jones said.

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