Snap Crackle Pops: Choir delivers night of personalized tunes

The choir pops concert took place on this past Tuesday, Jan. 27, and many students were involved, but there is something slightly different with this particular concert. For the pops concert all music sung by all three choirs has to be in some type of movie or show. Also, instead of students wearing the regular choir robes, they usually wear all black with a “pop” of a certain color.

Many students agree that it is nice to switch things up for a change. “This is many student’s favorite concert because we get to sing a wider variety of music and bring out our own character through solo acts and what we wear. It’s a lot of fun, and I know many people from the high school look forward to coming to this concert as well,” choir director Eliott Kranz said.

The songs have to be approved by Kranz, and this year’s concert consisted of four duet acts, five individual solos or acts, and three ensemble choirs: mens, womens and concert.

Junior Lizzy Swanson performed a solo, titled “Watch What Happens,” from Newsies the musical. She explained how it was a fun song and exciting to learn because she is familiar with the musical. “My family recently traveled to New York and saw the live performance of the Newsies.” But even with the familiarity, it was still a challenge. “It has also been quite the challenge because there are so many words in it, but I love how much I am able to get into the role of Katherine (the main female actress from Newsies) because I have a 1910 typewriter that I will be using.”

Senior John Nicol played a huge role in this concert. He performed in multiple acts, sang multiple solos and even got the opportunity to MC the concert along with junior Mitch Dekutoski. He also sang a duet with a surprise guest, choir director Elliot Kranz. They sang the song “The Confrontation,” from the movie Les Miserables.

“The pops concert came along great, and I would know, considering I participated in two choirs, with a solo in men’s choir, and I am singing a solo act, The Confrontation, from Les Miserables. I also got to MC the concert, and it was an absolutely fantastic time.”

Kranz spoke very highly of the performances of all of the music sang at the pops concert. “I was very pleased with all the choral pieces, and I thought all the individual acts that performed did very well also.”

Senior Brian Keiser along with junior Merlin MacGillivray sang together on “Agony” by Stephen Sondheim. Keiser was pleased with their duet experience, stating they kind of “just did it,” when asked how they got the idea to sing together. He recalled that “We kicked butt, not to brag,” talking about they way the performed.

Senior Lucia McNeal also sang a solo at the concert. She sang the song “It’s Time,” by Imagine Dragons, said she had a good experience and agreed with everyone else that the concert overall was amazing. “The pops concert was a great experience for everyone in the choir department, especially Mr. Kranz. It’s his favorite concert because he loves us and pop music. I had a great time performing last night.”

Other soloists who performed Tuesday night included Ian Tagtow who sang and play guitar to  “Good Riddance” by Billie Joe Armstrong; Emily Banes who played piano and sang “All Time Low” by Steve Mac; and Mitch Dekutoski who sang “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Other duets consisted of Savannah Lipinski and Claire Hamilton who performed “Hanging Tree” by James Newton; along with Mallorie Sckerl who sang and Anna Dvorak who played piano to “When She Loved Me,” by Randy Newman.

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