Double Duty: Teachers team up in English, science

Teachers shoulder many responsibilities. Not only are they the only source of education, but they also need to look out for each individual student in their classes. Some teachers have found a way to share the load.

Co-ed classes are not a new thing, but they are slowly making their way at Cedar Falls High School. In some cases, like Integrated Science, an extra teacher helps students who need extra attention.

Science teacher Brad Baker said that he enjoys this style of teaching because it’s nice for him to have a second pair of eyes. “It also helps to have another point of view.” Baker said, “Sometimes I try to explain something, and [special needs teacher Pat Trampel] notices that maybe kids aren’t following it a certain way. She tries to interject on how she would do it.”

Sometimes a co-ed class doesn’t happen intentionally. With one Honors English class, English teacher Heather Nicholson had a free period that coincided with English teacher Jenae Kennedy’s class. Kennedy has had a history of co-teaching for the last four years at her old school. “It helps because we can make small groups within the class of kids who are ready to move on and ones that aren’t ready to move,” Kennedy said. “We each bring different perspectives into the books we read and the discussions we have. We’re able to play off each other well.”

Not only does having two teachers in a classroom help students with learning, but it also splits the workload, which makes it easier for the teachers as well.

Due to the amount of money it costs and scheduling, it’s very unlikely to see a lot more co-ed classes; however, being in a co-ed can certainly give a unique experience for both teachers and students. “From a teacher’s standpoint, I think that I’m a lot more readily prepared,” Kennedy said. “I do think that it’s beneficial for the students because they have more than one resource. They can get help from two teachers, and they can get advice from two teachers, so I think it would be really beneficial.”

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