Spiritual Start: Students open book with new meetings for morning Bible study at high school

By: Annebeth Ahrenholz

Some CFHS students are coming together for one purpose, to come to know their God and make Him known to others.

A group has put together a Bible study hosted in the auditorium on Friday mornings at 7. They stress that anyone is welcome, no matter the beliefs of a person. Right now they are studying the book of James. “Anyone is invited. Even if you don’t believe in Christ, still come to share ideas about it,” junior Josiah Sabino said. “We would love to have anybody who has any desire to grow more in their relationship with Christ to come and get involved in a small group and dissect a passage.”

Sabino played a huge role in creating this Friday morning Bible study. The idea originated from him conversing with a friend, senior Kaitlyn Bown, who Sabino said did a lot of the behind the scenes work about starting up some sort of Bible study at the high school. “I was talking to Kaitlyn Bown one day after school, and we wanted to start some sort of bible study that took place in the school.”

As they talked it over, more people got involved, and the idea sprouted and a plan got put into action. “I talked to six people who wanted to help lead and be a part of this Bible study, and we started a group chat on facebook and told people to add whoever wanted to come,” Sabino said.

The mission of this Bible study is to promote Christians beliefs and create an environment for people with similar beliefs to come together.

“It’s easy for kids to be on spiritual highs at church and on Wednesday nights. We wanted to start where kids can dig into the Bible and apply what they learned in the morning so they can use what they learned throughout the day and weekends,” Sabino said.

Other students who have helped with setting up the Bible study or attended agree that this is a good place to come together in grow in their faith, and they would like to see it keep growing.

“The Bible study’s main mission is to bring the gospel to our school and keep it in the forefront in our minds throughout the day. I attended and thought it went well. I think it is a good way to spread the gospel in a school setting. I hope it continues to grow after the seniors leave,” senior Maria Garcia said.

Junior Matt Bauman has similar hopes for the new meetings. “I hope the Bible study makes us become closer as a school, and also I hope that people grow in their walk with Jesus.”

Sabino said he would love to continue this on next year and get more people involved. “We only have a couple weeks left in the school year. James is good to do because it is short. We can pick it up next year with whoever is willing. I would love to see the auditorium filled with kids and to dig into the word outside of church and school. Even this year we want to keep growing. Anyone is welcome. We would love to see Friday mornings explode with high schoolers.”

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