Periscope joins with Twitter to take every user live

Periscope is a new form of viewing and interacting with people anywhere around the world.

Basically, what Periscope is is a live streaming video that people are broadcasting from their iPhones.

You pick a person that you want to watch and just click on their name and start watching.

People can be streaming live videos from anywhere, ranging sitting at home, all the way to streaming things like their vacations and scenery.

If you are a person that thinks you would have fun with streaming your own broadcast, all you would have to do is press on the broadcast button, type in a title for your broadcast and start broadcasting to your audience.

People that watch your broadcast are able to type to you, and it will appear on the bottom of the screen. They can also send you hearts that indicate that they like what they see. With more hearts you get, the higher your broadcast goes up on the “Most Loved” list.

You can also watch broadcasts that other users have saved on their profile. So if you missed a broadcast that you would have liked to watch, you can replay it and watch it.

You can follow users that you find appealing and that will turn on notifications for that person so that when he or she starts broadcasting, your phone will notify you.

Sophomore Ami Ikanovic downloaded the app just recently after seeing it on the top lists on the app store. “I played around with it and watched some cool people stream some really interesting stuff,” he said.

Some of the funny things that he saw on there included a person feeding his goats and someone that was just walking down the street casually talking to random strangers. “There were some really cool things that I saw like a person hiking up a mountain and showing off all the scenery on the way,” Ikanovic said. Ikanovic said that he would definitely recommend this app to people who are interested in watching things happen live.

Junior Mitch Franklin downloaded the app around the time it came out. “I watched a person that broadcasted his kids playing in the dirt,” he said. Some of the other things that Franklin saw included a food fight that some people had started, people that were bored in class so they decided to stream their classroom and a person that was in the desert walking his camel. Franklin said that he would recommend this app to anyone who loves watching random things when they’re bored and have nothing else to do. “I really like this app,” he said.

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