Soph Far, Soph Good: New students quickly adjusting to CF melting pot

sophsBy: Tehya Tourner

New faces.  New experiences.  New memories.  Confidence and friendships are two of the major keys to pushing through the days of sophomore year.

Though attending the high school may seem like one of the most frightening things incoming students could ever face, the positive connections are already developing.

Sophomore Joel Ochoa, who is involved in cross country, band, chorus and many other things, said, “It (the high school) definitely feels more free, like we’re able to do stuff more freely and that we’re able to get involved in more activities.  It feels different because there are so many more people and so many new faces.”

There are still some downsides like getting up in the morning and dragging oneself to high school, but some are discovering the pros outsize the cons.

“Well, when we started practicing, you could notice it was kind of a Peet thing and a Holmes thing, but as the season went on and as we progressed, we play as a team now,“ sophomore football player Luke Gillett said.

Others have noticed that students aren’t separated into split “cliques” of Holmes and Peet.

“Starting high school with a good group of friends made it easier, especially when I couldn’t find my classes, they would help me,” sophomore Sarah Wagner said.  “I don’t think making new friends was exactly awkward, but it was hard at certain times because Peet and Holmes kids have been split into two groups for the past three years.”

Some other factors account for high school being difficult too. Like homework. Sophomores Dalton Closson and Molly Rygh both agreed that there is a big difference in the work load the sophomores have compared to the junior highs.

Yet, the high school also offers more opportunities like sports and clubs to get involved with.  Because there is such a wide variety, more and more students participate in different activities and get to meet new people while having a blast. New friendships are being built day by day as sophomores see that positive possibilities don’t depend on what school they attended, what kind of clubs they are in or how good they are at sports.

“You just get to know more people, and it’s great to get to experience different kind of personalities,” varsity volleyball player Grace Burken said.

The first week might have been a wee bit terrifying being surrounded by tons of students and awkward new classes, but it’s all changing.  The school is bigger, yes.  The homework may be harder, but sophomores are beginning to see that these next three years could be the best yet.

“I wouldn’t change anything. I like the high school a lot,” Rygh said.

After all, it’s not a Peet thing or a Holmes thing.  It’s a CF thing.

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