Back country of Backbone offers tranquil memories

SideBar2 AdVENTURE 091315_091715.austin.bone_3116 SideBarMaybe Cave2 091215_Austin.bone_3345 USEE SideBar3 SideBar1 20150912_163619_HDRBy: Austin Reyhons

In this edition, we revisit Backbone State Park to see the  rest of our journey and overnight stay.

As we explore off the beaten path, we cross the cold lake at the center of the resort and travel down to find very beautiful prairie land (photo at bottom) bordered by the dense forests of the  state reserve. 

Fueled by beef jerky and granola bars, we hike deeper into the forest, up and down rigourous hills. Bluffs were commonly found and are a site very much worth seeing. 

After hours of hiking, we finally found the perfect location to set up shop for the night. We were looking for two pairs of trees close to each other, and, of course, we had to have a view. Finding the trees was surprisingly hard, but the view … that was everywhere. 

The sounds of the squirrels jumping and skittering about on the crunchy leaves in the pitch black night can easily deceive a wondering, tired mind that they are something much larger with much more predatory intentions. 

Awakening to the sounds of the birds and the sun glistening off the lake through the trees was tranquility at its finest.

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