‘Card Captor’ brimming with cute characters

By: Noah Forker

In the TV show “Card Captor Sakura,” we follow a young fourth-grade girl named Sakura as she journeys through the city in search of the cloe cards. Cloe cards are magical beasts who were sealed inside the cards, and because Sakura read the Windy spell, all the cards are scattered, and Sakura must seal each beast back into its respected card.

This active, adorable little anime is filled with majorly cute moments, as Sakura does still have her fourth-grade perspective, like how she has love moments over a guy her brother is good friends with. Overall, this anime is adorable, and if you ever want a cute anime to just watch for no reason, “Card Captor Sakukra” is definitely for you.

The manga for “Card Captor” is a lot different from the anime, and when I say a lot, I mean, A LOT. For one, right off the bat, it skips three months, which the anime is nice enough to shorten and cover, and it cuts showing how Sakura got a cloe card, and also switches two around. These are only two of the many differences. Another difference is how she caught one. Originally, she found it in an aquarium, but in the manga, it was in a school. Also, they cut Sakura’s date with Yukito out from the manga, assuming that it was not supposed to be cannon, or a part of the main story,. Though the date is mentioned, from my viewpoint, I see nothing in detail about it. Finally, the manga is not nearly as adorable, as Sakura does not have a ton of cute moments.

Comparing the two, if you couldn’t guess, I’d pick the anime. This is because the manga, like most mangas, overcomplicates things. I dislike this because at certain very simple parts, the manga overcomplicates it with two or three pages of small text and attacks. I like the anime more because of how adorable it is and because of its nice flowing pace. They’re both good, but the manga has a weird pace and is also hard to find.

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