Characters in ‘Graceling’ discover hidden talents

By: Mercede Kraabel

“Graceling,” a book by Kristin Cashore, just left me at WOW. Just WOW!

This book has everything: love, action, betrayal, sword fights. There are seven kingdoms, and in those kingdoms are people who are different. Yeah, I know. Everyone is different, but these people are really different from everyone else because they have these things called Grace. It’s kind of like superpowers. Some may have mind reading or really good fighting skills or the power to tell something to someone and have them believe that’s the truth.

Kasta thinks that her Grace is just a fighting Grace, but she soon learns that it is way more than that.

I had mixed feelings when I read this book. Whenever there was a major point in the book, I freaked out. That’s what happens when I read a book that I’m really into. This book made me upset and happy, but that doesn’t mean that you are gonna be that way.

The Gracelings in the book have different colored eyes. Most people just have blue or green eyes, but the Gracelings have one green and one blue. I love how the main character, Kasta, thought she knew what her Grace was, but after she meets Prince Po, she finds out her Grace is more than what she thought it was, and, of course, I love to watch her trying to save everyone from a madman king.

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