Disc golf sailing in Cedar Valley popularity

disc golfBy: Aaron Heimbuck

Disc golf participation is exploding in the Cedar Valley. Every day, one can find participants stepping to the platform on hole one of Ghost Town Park and grasping the smooth, round plastic between the crevices of their thumbs and index fingers as they stare out at the the rusted chains and tell themselves that this is the day they’ll knock that stroke off to finally go under par.

The park is filled with disc golfers of all ages and skill sets, from casual to highly competitive play. Senior Ben Louviere is one of the many fans.

“Towards the end of the summer and as this school year began, I know that some guys who work at the Brown Bottle together all got into discing, and they brought more friends, and it seemed to really take off. It was something everyone could get together and do.”

Louviere has played for quite a while now and has showed several friends from school the ins and outs of disc golf. He’s returning the favor done for him a couple years ago when he was introduced to the game by a friend, and he’s loved it ever since.

“I first started disc golfing in the fall towards the beginning of my sophomore year with a few of my friends. Austin Reyhons’ older brother actually showed it to us. He let us borrow some discs, and we’d all go play.”

Louviere said the simplicity of the game is one of its greatest appeals as well as how it’s a great way to have fun.

“It’s just a simple, social game that’s extremely fun with a group of friends. Nobody is ever too stressed out on the disc golf course. It also feels great to roam around the big open course, especially on a beautiful day. And it’s basically free, too.”

Some, however, enjoy taking it to another level of involvement.

“I’ve never played competitively, but every once in awhile at the course you’ll see a flyer for some upcoming tournament, and those always include all the information,” Louviere said. “Last summer, actually, this married couple named Jay & Des Reading came to Ghost Town, which is the course we always play at off of Greenhill, and they put on this whole clinic on disc golf skills. They’re both famous disc golf world champions, and it was really cool.”

But for Louviere, even after he’s built competitive skills, it’s the fun that draws him in.

“Disc golf isn’t all about how well you play or what your score is. I’ve played a lot over the past couple of years, and I still think it’s just a fun thing to go do with your buddies. But on another note, it’s also fun to be good and hit some of those tougher shots. Don’t be afraid to ask some more experienced players for tips and techniques, or even watch some Youtube videos.”

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself holding the disc in your hand and feeling a sense of comfort overwhelm you. You feel at home. Regardless of your skill level, you’re ready to conquer the Ghost Town course. You begin your walk to the front of the platform and bring the disc to your hip. You cock back and watch the disc cut through the air like a blade as it starts to curve toward the chains. It may have a chance.  Maybe … maybe …YES! The disc sails in smoothly as you hear the satisfying sound of the chains clanging.

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