Outsiders rise to top of two parties’ presidential prospects

trumpsanders Dems should ‘feel the Bern’

By: Leah Forsblom and Jessica Huffman

Bernie Sanders, a self-made, outspoken, Democratic Socialist has stepped into the 2016 presidential election. Sanders is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote. Previously, he worked 16 years in the House of Representatives, which makes him the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history.

Though the term “socialist” scares away many voters, the term isn’t nearly as bad as conservative Republicans make it sound. Socialism is defined as an organization between social classes where everybody has an equal advantage. Currently, the country lives under heavy influence of the white, upperclass, Republican male. Sanders has plans to change that. His competitors are more publicly known with a financial advantage, but he has the best appeal to every person living in the United States regardless of privilege.

Sanders funds his own campaign, receives very little money from the public and unlike most other presidential candidates, he is accepting no money from Super PACs. Bernie’s funding mostly comes from the youth supporting him, but he does not receive nearly as much as the other candidates. Bernie’s popularity branches from social media, where the adolescents promote his policies. Trump is known for his bold, yet very arrogant, personality and wealth, but his grip on the country is fading fast, and we, the future of America, the rebellious youth, the can’t-function-without-a-phone-in-our-hands generation, will be running the country.

Sanders has been involved in politics since he came out of college, and his views on everything from the environment to health care to workers’ rights have been consistent for decades. Trump’s political correctness is nearly nonexistent, making his proposal to become president quite frightening. He is not an outsider to the world, only to politics, yet the country is considering electing him in the highest position in government.

Sanders, however, has keyed on equalizing people’s benefits, including raising the minimum wage so parents can support their children, making the cost of schooling nonexistent so everybody has the right to an education, making the pay of every minority and female equal to the white men they work next to, and providing universal healthcare to everyone, incuding those who have to choose between paying for their rent or their prescribed medication.

Sanders attacks the issues, not the candidates. He presents his positions and how he plans to implement them. Trump attacks the other candidates,  and when asked how his plans will work, he replies with oversimplified action like “rounding up [immigrants] in a nice, humane way” or “we’re gonna grow the economy so much.”

Trump may know money, but Sanders knows our country. Socialize that. Vote Bernie 2016.

Why Trump is the right choice

By: Brennan Kohls

Donald Trump, the multi-billionaire GOP presidential candidate we all hear about every night on the news. When Trump announced his candidacy in June, no one thought he would do like he’s doing right now, at over 30 percent in most polls, he is leading the pack of presidential hopefuls by a long shot, but what makes him so appealing to Republican primary voters?

For most conservatives, including myself, it’s the fact that he isn’t controlled by lobbyists and is funding his own campaign. He’s a successful businessman. His non-political correctness is quite a refresher in today’s society, including his views on illegal immigration and his revealing the establishment GOP, or as another presidential hopeful, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) calls them, the “Washington Cartel.”

The “Washington Cartel” is made up of both sides of the political aisle. On the Democrat side, you have Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) among others, and on the Republican side Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to name a few. They are all career politicians who don’t care about the American people and only look out for their own interests. Trump has the establishment GOP all fired up because he’s an outsider; he isn’t a career politician. Conservatives are sick and tired of the establishment. We want someone who cares more about the American people than their own personal and political interests, and Trump fits that profile.

I went around the school and asked Trump supporters why they like him, and here is what senior Kyle Frost had to say: “I like Trump because he isn’t someone’s puppet like some of the people running. I also like his ideas and how he plans to execute them, and I think America needs a businessman in charge.”

John Dunlop, a junior, explained why he likes “The Donald”: “He’s not afraid to say what’s wrong with America, and he gets to the point of what he plans to do, such as his plans on foreign policy, how he is going to support veterans and their families, also his plan of creating jobs and bringing jobs back from other countries. I also really like that he is going to put higher taxes on companies that outsource jobs to other countries.”

Jay Kramer, a junior, said, “He is the only candidate that speaks what he believes and not what the public wants to hear. It just so happens that what I want to hear is what he believes. He might have a few flaws, but who doesn’t? I also believe he is the only candidate that is actually on the side of the American people.”

Trump knows the economy, he has a good plan to bring it back to full strength, he will actually enforce our country’s immigration laws and he will make our military the strongest fighting force there ever was. Like Trump says: “Make America great again!” Vote Trump 2016.

Hi-Line Poll

If Donald Trump got the Republican nomination, and you had the vote, would you vote for him?

29% Yes

46% No

24% Don’t Care

If Bernie Sanders got the Democratic nomination, and you had the vote, would you vote for him?

52% Yes

16% No

30% Don’t Caresanderstrumpcartoon


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