Bible study group opens new chapter

By: Emma Gerdes

Power Hour is home to a new club on Mondays during A shift. The Bible study club met for the first time on Oct. 26 in the auditorium.

The idea came when a few students who thought it would be cool to unite the high school and provide an opportunity for anyone who was interested in learning about their God and their Bible.

Senior Matthew Bauman has been one to advertise the group. “Anybody who wants to come is welcome,” Bauman said.

They are going through the book of Ephesians. The group is more of a conversation than a lecture of the book.

In the first meeting, 25 students showed up. “There were no expectations going into this, but so far it has been a success,” Bauman said.

Senior Avri Anderson was one who attended. “It was nice to be able to take a break from school and meet and discuss the Bible with people that you can trust,“ Anderson said. Members said they want somewhere for anyone to come and learn about their God.

The group will meet next Monday, Nov. 9, in the auditorium during A shift of Power Hour. “It might not be a long time to talk about our faith, but I think we all learn and gain things from each other talking,” Anderson said.

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