Creative Ticket: Senior explores new paths in art

By: Amna Haider

As a little girl, senior Joe Fry would get into all kinds of mischief. Her punishment? To draw.

“I started early. My great grandma made all the little ones draw when we were bad,” Fry said. Ever since then, she was hooked.

Now, Fry focuses on several different art forms, from drawing to painting to sculpture. “My favorite art form is probably painting … although that’s the one area of art that I cannot successfully express myself in,” Fry said.

She is currently focusing on sculpture. Fry gained an interest in sculpture last year when she started a beginning sculpture course in hopes of expanding her skill sets. “I enjoy it because an individual can take something that means nothing to the majority of the world and make it into something that many can relate to and enjoy looking at. In sum, sculpture is an easy medium to inspire people with,” she said.

Fry is currently taking an advanced sculpture course because she enjoyed the beginning course so much. She continues to include art in her daily life because it serves as a distraction from her hectic life.

“It’s an escape from whatever I don’t want to pay attention to at the time or day, whether that be homework or general social issues,” Fry said.

In most of her work Fry tries to focus on world issues. “I find comfort in addressing the tragedies in the world through my art, whether the people viewing it are aware of it or not,” Fry said. “The world has many problems and issues worth taking note of that are usually ignored, so it’s kind of fun to play them into art so people kind of have to address the problems even if they don’t necessarily know that’s what the art piece means.”

For Fry, art is a trip. “Art can take you away in a similar sense that reading can. Reading envelopes an individual to wherever the book takes place so in turn the reader can get lost for hours at a time in another completely different world from their own. Art can do the exact same thing and can come with a sense of accomplishment once the piece is finished.”

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