Don’t let winter time give you the blues

By: Aaron Heimbuck

Winter is creeping closer, and most of us are dreading it. Sure, there are the holidays, but beyond that there isn’t a whole lot to look forward to. School days seem longer and more stressful, senioritis is kicks in and there is less of the bright, sunny day to enjoy after the school day is over. This results in an overall decrease in happiness.

Unfortunately, there is no way I can help you deal with the snow and ice, but I do have a few tips on how to make the grueling winter months a little easier to deal with.

Living in Iowa, there isn’t a whole lot to do outside in the winter, so many are faced with extreme boredom. Well, my advice to you is find a hobby or activity that you can enjoy inside. Personally, I enjoy writing and playing piano. Maybe an instrument is something you could pick up. For those of you who aren’t into the music side of things, there are plenty of other activities you can do. Take some time and think about some of your interests and find something you can do inside that involves them. Who knows, you may just discover your niche.

As you know, school becomes a grind during the winter. The homework load increases, the lack of motivation increases and you’re just plain stressed out. Now this may seem like pretty obvious advice, but stay on top of things and do whatever you need to do to keep yourself ahead. You could start a study group, go to the after school program or simply find your ideal place to study. The important thing is to find a good way to keep organized and structured during the winter. This will save you a lot of stress and allow you to avoid getting so behind once senioritis kicks in.

It is far too easy to get lazy in the winter and lie around. I urge you to stay active. Find something to keep your body in shape and healthy. Do some sort of exercise, and I guarantee you will be much happier during the cold weather. You can play basketball, lift weights, run on a treadmill or indoor track and much more. If you keep yourself active you will feel better about yourself and it will be one extra advantage you have against the winter blues.

Winter driving is treacherous in Iowa. The snow and ice makes for a dangerous ride to school. One thing you can do is make sure you’re prepared. Keep an ice scraper in your car so you’re able to see. Blankets, salt and a shovel never hurt either just in case of emergency situations. Make sure you give your vehicle a check up before the snow hits. Check your tires, heater, engine, etc. to make sure you’re geared to go for winter. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a snowy situation withono way out.

I suppose the moral of the story is to be prepared and stay positive. The winter is tough, but if you think ahead and keep a good mindset, you will survive. Keep yourself busy. Don’t let school overwhelm you. Stay active. Be prepared for the weather. If you take my advice, spring will be here before you know it.

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